Lazy Sunday morning on the porch. 

IMG_5998Sunday mornings are made for relaxing. Even the kitties got in on the action. Lilo & Stich, named after the respective characters, took liberties on the front porch steps yesterday morning.

Now I can imagine you’re thinking it’s a bit crazy to let the cats out like that, but when my cat Cocoa (below) was alive, I would let her outside my front porch on a leash to take in the summer sun as well.


So when this past Sunday rolled around and the girls looked liked they wanted to escape the house, Dave let them do just that. A few minutes outside in the midday sun was just what they needed. It also gave way to a little mischief because on a normal outing only Stich goes outside. Today her sister saw all the fuss and commotion so she decided to join her.

It was cute and fun to see them frolic about rolling around on the steps, hair flying about like little cotton ball clouds in the slight spring breeze.

Their cuteness factor gained them extra brownie points, and even though my allergies sometimes kill me when I’m around them, it’s worth the sneezes and itchy eyes because I’m spending time with their human daddy lol. So yes allergies and all are worth it. 🙂


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