My apologies, and thank you!

photo credit: SORRY- National Sorry Day  2015,   Sorry Day Flowers    "such unthinkable theft " via photopin (license)

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been experiencing a major slowdown of the blog. Not my intentions at all. There were days and weeks where I was uninspired, having writers block, or just a sheer meltdown of technology on my end. WordPress has given me some issues, combined with some internet issues with the new computer and WiFi complications when I took an unexpected weekend trip across the LI Sound, to Connecticut.

Things on the technology front seem to be moving along in the right direction, just needing to readjust the WiFi settings on the laptop a little and fix things with WordPress not bouncing me out of my account no matter how often I try to fix things. Nothing like logging in, working on a post, saving it as you go, only to have WordPress log you out of your account and tell you that your password is wrong, and lose all your work!

Thanks WordPress!

As for the inspiration, or my inspiration, things are also moving along in a better, more productive direction. Still having my moments, but I’ve got a few things in the works, and some posts which had been left over in my drafts may be making an appearance in a few days. Just trying to tweak things a bit.

Now I can blame all the technology issues on Mercury being in Retrograde from May 18th – June 11th 2015 (although I do believe all my technology issues are related to this retrograde…from my car issues on May 8th, because Retrograde can happen a few days before and after the 8 week period, to the wi-fi laptop issues all jumbled up) Retrograde has been very nice to me in other aspects. On May 18th I walked through the door I have often walked through but with very pleasant surprises. So it’s not all the bad it’s cracked up to be, so far 😉

Again I just wanted to take the time to apologize for neglecting the blog, replying to comments that have gotten lost in the sauce, and general bad blogging interaction/etiquette on my part. Some of it has been out of my control, but hopefully all is back on track.

Thank you for sticking around 🙂

photo credit: N04/5667529239″>SORRY- National Sorry Day 2015, Sorry Day Flowers “such unthinkable theft ” via photopin (license)


9 thoughts on “My apologies, and thank you!

  1. No worries. Shit happens so do what you need to do and ill still be here waiting patiently.
    Maybe if your having so many issues you could write in word, note, or a different program so you can save then when its working you can just copy and paste it to your blog.


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