The Power of Vulnerability

Vulnerability~ Not something we as humans strive for. Because simply put, there is no comfortablility in vulnerability. 

Leaving ourselves open to the posibility of rejection, hurt, and disapointment,  puts more fear into us.

Sometimes however, we need to allow ourselves to experience vulnerability. We need to open our lives, our hearts and minds to the possibilities of both pain and happiness. Because when we close ourselves off due to the fear of the unknown we can end up missing out on some pretty fantastic experiences. 

I was on the verge of closing off. Well part of myself at least. I’ve always had the mindset of “What will be will be. If it’s meant to happen it will” obviously I didn’t close myself off completely because then I would be the only reason for “it” whatever “it” may be, not happening. Kind of like the saying- can’t win it if you’re not playing the game. 

Well this is the game of life, and although there have been hands I have busted or folded, I’m all in. So instead of allowing the vulnerability to have power over me I intend on harnessing the power myself. 

I’ve been asked many times how it is I haven’t ended up jaded or cynical in the matters of the heart. I can only say that although there have been instances where I could have easily swayed that direction I still believe. No it’s not all rainbows and unicorns, or fairy tale princess stories, but there is still hope. 

And sometimes the flames of hope gets ignighted the moment you walk through that open door you’ve walked through a few times before. It’s just a matter of timing 😉 



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