If we were having coffee

IMG_5630If we were having coffee, I’d tell you to pull up a chair and grab your favorite beverage of choice.

Although today, coffee isn’t even tasting good. Not exactly sure why. The last time I had an aversion to coffee, I was dealing with extremely low iron and B12 levels. Hoping this isn’t the case because I’ve been doing the B12 injections religiously the last few weeks. Still have the damn black and blues to prove it too. No matter how hard I try to avoid hitting a vein, it never fails. And let me tell you, when you’re trying to get to know someone new and they see black and blues on you, they kind of wonder what the heck is up lol. Yeah that was a funny moment to say the least 😉

If it’s not the low levels, it may well be the extra benadryl I’ve been taking lately. Outdoor allergies are kicking my butt with the pollen, and I’m also allergic to dogs and cats. And recently I’ve gotten to know two adorable little kitties, Lilo & Stitch. They are cuties for sure, but their dad…he’s the one who’s really caught my eye 😉 So I don’t mind having to take a few extra benadryl to get me through the day, until I get accustom to them. I think it’s well worth it.

The writers block has still been hovering around like a UFO, it hasn’t taken up permanent residence in my brain thankfully. Because seriously no one has time for that. I know I need to just sit at the computer and devote some time to doing what I love. I’ve always said I didn’t want to just write about nonsense or more importantly, write for writings sake. I wanted substance, and a point of view to put out there. Yes I write about Random Musings and Wanderlust, but I didn’t want to just throw some words on a screen and leave it at that. So although I am still trying to stick to that grounding, I may just throw some stuff out to the blogosphere for the heck of it. I also realize that for some reason, my settings on the blog have been turned upside down. I have to approve comments from people who have been commenting as “regulars” and then I can’t reply back. It’s becoming frustrating. And I’m sure those people who are commenting are wondering why I’m not engaging. So I’m going to devote some time tonight to figure out what the issue may be. Check into my settings and see if anything is going on. Hopefully it’s just that Mercury in Retrograde playing tricks on the electronics thing.

So for now I will have to bid you adieu, I’m about to go make a cup of tea, catch up on some blog work and hopefully figure things out with the settings. Relax and maybe watch some more Grimm because I still haven’t caught up with that either. Still way behind. Seems like my pattern of late.

I do hope you are all enjoying the weekend.

The Weekend Coffee Share is the brainchild of Parttime Monster. Do stop over her blog and take a look around, also please visit the Linky, and browse all the great bloggers that join up over the weekend to share in a cup.


8 thoughts on “If we were having coffee

  1. B vitamins are easily found in grains…darn gluten intolerance.

    And writing for writing sake…that’s what writers do. (You don’t have to publish if it’s not great.)


    • Yes that pesky gluten intolerance screws everything up. I know I don’t have to publish everything, I have about 6 drafts saved and I’m just staring at them. I think I’m just getting frustrated with myself, and I need to stop. Easier said than done for sure.


      • I have something from last Monday that’s still in processing— I mean, editing. Cutting down helps. But I refuse to kill the whole that I need the detail. Such is the pain of self-editing…


      • I try to limit self editing to a minimum, I’ll wait till I’m totally finished with a piece and then go back to edit. sometimes. But lately my issue, it think, is allowing myself to publish more personal things, or deeper things. I worry about timing, and how things will be received, although I know full well I shouldn’t worry so much. It still happens.

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  2. Hi Paula, happy to enjoy a cup of tea with you (or coffee if you prefer). 🙂 Sorry you’re not feeling your best lately. I’m also gluten intolerant. It complicates things for sure! Sending you wishes for a better energy day tomorrow. 🙂 Shelah


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