If we were having coffee, the “There’s No Place Like Home” edition

  If we were having coffee I’d say it’s nice to be home. Although I miss my Sissy and her family, there’s no place like home…

Pull up a chair, make yourself comfortable, and grab a cuppa your favorite drink. I’m having an iced coffee with caramel sauce and a dusting of unsweetened cocoa powder. It’s a little damp and chilly today, but hot coffee would be to warm.

I’m at the local coffee shop, hoping for a little spark of inspiration. This is usually a place I get some creativity, but maybe my well is running a bit dry. I thought my trip to Pa would have sparked something but that fell short too.

Maybe I’m trying too hard? Maybe I’m focusing too much on getting the spark back? Maybe I need a break? But I feel I’ve taken far too long of a break at this time. I think my expectations are getting the best of me. I know I’m probably worrying too much about all of it I’m sure.

How has your week been? Anything new or interesting happening? Any fun plans for the weekend?

I was hoping to get out on one of the trails this weekend but with the rainy weather I’m not so sure it will happen. But my hopes are still up for tomorrow. I miss the great outdoors. I had wanted to get some nature photos and a few walks in the mountains this past week while in Pa but things didn’t go as I envisioned. With all the stress over car trouble it kind of took a back seat.

IMG_5626I did however get my hair highlighted. It was an experience to say the least. At my age I’ve never highlighted my hair, colored it fully, yes but never highlights. It wasn’t what I expected and honestly I hated it lol. Live and learn, and you don’t know till you try it. Right? My Sissy and her daughter, Bella liked it.  However once I got home and sported it around town for a few days, it was quite clear that my idea of the “orange brassy tones” were definitely there.

I sure as heck wasn’t seeing things.

Today I tried to fix it, and although it’s not the best, it is better than what it was. It does look better in person than in this photo thankfully. Oddly enough, the dye I used to fix what had been done, didn’t even take on my roots (which didn’t get much of the highlights on them to begin with anyway) So it still looks like I need to dye my hair, but because I’m not ready to go short yet or lose any hair, I’ll have to wait a little longer. I’m getting used to the colors that are there now.

Tomorrow I’m planning on going to the outdoor farmers market, grabbing some of my favorite Greek yogurt, and maybe taking a walk down in the village for a while. Get some me time in, I think it will do me good, and give me a little reboot to say the least.

I finally caught up on Once Upon a Time and wow I’m impressed with this season and obviously can’t wait till next season starts. As for Mad Men, the final episode airs this Sunday, and it’s bittersweet. Some of the episodes this season are leaving me annoyed, but I wont go into detail because I know a lot of folks haven’t caught up just yet. I just hope that the final episode lives up the the series and does it justice. We shall see…

I’m off to catch up on Grimm, since I’ve neglected a lot of television viewing this past season. So off I go with my cup of tea to end the night. I hope you all have a great weekend and you should check out the other bloggers who participate in the Weekend Coffee Share linky, hosted by Part Time Monster.

17 thoughts on “If we were having coffee, the “There’s No Place Like Home” edition

  1. Hopefully your creative juices will start flowing soon. I know how that is. Grimm is one of my favorite shows. At first Juliette was slightly annoying, and then I really started to like her and now she’s well, I can’t stand her. I hope Trouble comes back next season. I still haven’t watched the season finale, but I had had it with Juliette. Anyway, thanks for allowing me rant about Juliette and I hope your creativity comes back soon.


    • Thank you I’m hoping so too. Ohhhhh I only just watched the second episode and Troubl was kidnapped off the bike. I’m not that far along but I agree Juliette is on my nerves. Although I was thinking it was something about the spell Adeline used in Nick to convince him she was Juliette. But I guess I’ll find out in a few days maybe lol. Rant all you like it’s all good 🙂


    • I would agree. I’m sticking to watching it because I have to see it through to the end. How they are going to wrap up each character. So far I’m not impressed but without going into further detail and spoiling it I may do a wrap up post late tonight or tomorrow. I wasn’t that impressed with parts of the last episode or the last few for that matter. Hoping tonight is all I hope for.


  2. Good luck with your hair. 🙂
    And for the inspiration, I think it is best that you don’t force it. Maybe if you let yourself a small window of time then it will work. There’s a great blog out there called “all but the kitchen sink” https://allbutthekitchensink.wordpress.com and well it has some great reads regarding inspiration, getting down to work creatively etc.
    I hope that today you’ll have a chance to go outside and make the most of what Mother Nature has to give us.

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    • Thank you for both and for the blog link. I think I do need a little time to just regroup and maybe get outside a little more. We had some rain last night but I think I might take the risk and head out to the preserve and see how the trails are. I will be checking out the blog when I get back thank you for suggesting it! Hope you enjoy your weekend!!

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  3. Thanks for the chat! Your hair looks good, by the way. Highlighting never gets the roots, unfortunately. Oh what we go through to make ourselves think we look better than we are with what we were given ! I do it too! Never satisfied. Now to figure out how to make my caboose a couple sizes smaller would be grand!

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    • Glad you could join in for coffee and a chat, Deb and thank you :). I knew the roots would be untouched I guess I didn’t think as much. Luckily for you I didn’t show the pic after the highlights haha this is the day I tried to fix it. I’m realizing it may look reddish still in the pic but it does have more blonde tones. I haven’t been blonde since I was 19 many moons ago haha. And I have to thank you I dd get a little chuckle out of your caboose comment. I’m sure you’re caboose is already perfectly grand!! But it’s true we’re always trying to change things up! Hope you have a great weekend!!

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  4. I’ve been frustrated with some of what has happened on Mad Men this season, but I think that’s actually good writing. Joan’s situation is especially disconcerting, but it’d be lousy not to be realistic about the challenges she would’ve faced as a single mother and business woman. I hope tonight’s finale is satisfying. I’m also ready to see the new Game of Thrones and Penny Dreadful. Sunday nights are the best TV nights.

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    • I’m slightly frustrated with the series finale, but as you say it’s good writing. I’ve got my issues with the Joan and Peggy story lines for various reasons, but I’m kind of ok with parts of what they did, but not all. Again, that’s good writing, if we were to get everything we wanted it wouldn’t have been all that it’s been if that makes sense. I haven’t watched either of those shows, I think I need to get on track with them lol.

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  5. I think I’ve worked out what most annoyed me about Mad Men, and I think I can express it without any spoilers – rather than write a big long comment, I’ll write a post over at my place for tomorrow. 🙂

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    • I just posted a post about it, I didn’t get into the whole episode, but touched on some of the things that irked me. I will have to go take a look at your page in a few and see how you feel about it. And no worries on long comments, I’m not a blogger who dislikes them. Say all you want the floor is yours.


    • I agree, I feel like they shoved it in a cute little box with a pink bow just to do something. I like the idea of it, but I don’t like how it was done. I wanted more for her. I did make a post about it a few min ago, I’m running behind dealing with a migraine again, but wanted to post something. Glad you got to watch it, but sorry that’s what you had to watch.

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