If we were having coffee. The crazy car, road trip, communion, weekend edition

   If we were having coffee I’d invite you to pull up a chair at my Sissys kitchen table and join us got a piping hot cup of Bustelo! 

I’m not home this weekend, I took a road trip to the Pocono Mountains to visit my Sissy for her daughter E’s Firtst Holy Communion. 

Unfortunately, even though I was up and out bright and early Saturday morning, I didn’t make it to the church in time. 

Maybe some divine intervention was at work that morning but I was stranded at a Quick Check somewhere in New Jersey on rt 80 and my car wouldn’t start. It wasn’t the battery which had just been replaced. It wasn’t the starter or alternator. It had to be something with my fuel line or filter. 2 kind men offered assistance and I eventually got the car started somehow. They didn’t do anything but try to start the car themselves not wanting to touch anything. So I made my way back onto Rt 80 for the next 30 miles and headed toward the bridge I had my accident on 15 years ago. 

I barely made it. 

My car, as I was trying to merge into the highway started to loose speed. She dropped down to 5 mph going up a steep incline and no matter how hard I pressed my gas pedal nothing was happening. She was only moving by sheer coasting. 

It was a harrowing experience, one I never want to go through again. I barely made it one exit.  5 mph,  gas pedal to the floorboard, driving on the shoulder, with tractor trailers doing 80 in the right Lane

I made it to the next exit. Waited for 3 hours for my sissy and her family to come from the communion and as soon as her husband started the car. 

It was fine

Divine intervention? Something in the stars? A reason I didn’t make it to the church in time?

I have no clue

Her husband drove my car the rest of the way home to their house. We still don’t know what caused it. Nothing showed up on his computer – he’s a mechanic, thinks maybe fuel filter. We shall see. 

After all that craziness it seemed to all disappear the moment I saw E in her communion dress. She was beautiful. Although my visit was a surprise they had to tell her when they came to get me. She was so happy to see me as I was her. 

Finally relaxing today, Mothers Day. And although I’m not spending it at home with my Mom,  we feel Mother’s Day is every day. So we’ll celebrate when I get home. 

  I hope you had a great weekend and a happy Mother’s Day! 


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