A to Z Challenge. S is for Self(ie) Confidence!

Self confidence. Boy is this one a hard subject. Before the A to Z Challenge started, I had this idea. A 30 day Selfie challenge, for myself. (pictures below)

Basically to get over the idea of how horrible  I feel I look in selfies. I don’t like taking pictures of myself, although I will take a few here and there. Part of the reasons I dislike my selfies are:

  1. I hate the puffiness/bags under my eyes
  2. The II lines that have settled between my eyebrows
  3. Little crowfeet, I guess, that are creeping up at the outer edges of my eyes
  4. The odd smile I make when I’m posing for a picture
  5. My nose that is a little wider when I’m smiling
  6. Freckles that appear sometime in March each year
  7. The way my upper lip is higher on my right side
  8. My widows peak

It’s both a combination of the way I see myself, and things I sometimes, not all the times, wish I could change, and my iPhone 4 camera.

What, if anything, did I think this challenge would teach me at the end of it?

I had absolutely no clue. I could have learned techniques for taking the Perfect Selfie. Apparently there are tutorials for getting the perfect selfie. I didn’t do this. Who cares how to take the perfect selfie?… You’d be surprised.

“Go from this angle, get it from up higher it will make your face look smaller, your eyes look less puffy, use this filter on it your skin will have this airy glow, adjust the settings, blah blah blah” Ok so tell me this dear wise one… What the heck happens, when someone meets you in REAL LIFE, and there is no help from an angled, over filtered photo? Yep you’ll be looked at like, whoa, hmmm who are you again?

Yes I’m discussing this as part of being out there in the dating world. I’ve been told quite often, I look exactly like my photos when they meet me in person. Well thank you, kindly.

So, you’re probably wondering what the heck did she get out of this “challenge” Simply put, some boost in my self-confidence, a wider range of self acceptance, and a less critical/narrower view of myself.

Earlier I mentioned how horrible  I feel I look in selfies. To be clear ~I don’t hate myself, I don’t loath my body, my appearance, etc. I value what I’ve gone through in life to get to this point, and I always consider myself an ever evolving work in progress. When someone points out my age, as in I’m old or something, I embrace it, I own it!!  But when I’m told I don’t look my age, it’s a lovely complement… and one I am working on accepting.

This is part of the reason behind this little challenge. The acceptance factor. Which brings us to….Numbers 6 & 8 above, are unique to me, like snowflakes and stars in the sky, as are my freckles. Numbers 1-3, 5 & 7 they come from the ability to have lived a life where #4 has been a huge part of it. Through all the crap, I still choose to smile. I’ve laughed, lived, earned those lines, puffiness, and all of those wonderous paint strokes that make me the beautiful masterpiece I am today!!

No more of~ the picture isn’t perfect. My hair isn’t in the right place. My smile is crooked. My puffiness is so bad because I didn’t sleep last night (btw I’ve had those bags since I was born lol). I’ve realized things about myself and actually started to enjoy the way I looked in these pictures.

A photo captures a moment in time, but life is meant to be lived in moments, but more than just one. A multitude of moments is what make us the unique people we are. We aren’t defined by a moment in time, nor should we be defined by a selfie.

These are my selfies over the last 30 days. They are viewed L~R in each of the collages, Some are better than others, some are worse maybe, but they are all me. The further along on this little journey I grew to be less conscious of how I looked, and just enjoying the moment, embracing MYSELF!

I’m sure you’re getting tired of looking at all these photos by now, but thank you for taking this little journey with me.

Today’s A to Z Challenge post is brought to you by the letter S. Self(ie) Confidence. Go find yours!!!


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