If we were having coffee, the ~ I really wish it was stronger edition…

IMG_5148If we were having coffee it’s been a long and worrisome night so I’m taking a large iced with caramel sauce and a gluten free Brookie. It’s a combo of a cookie and a brownie and it’s sorely needed. I saved you a seat at the local shop so grab a cuppa whatever your pleasure and join me for some chit chat


As I’m typing this, the empty chair I saved for you was just occupied by a handsome stranger. Seeing me on my phone (I’m typing up my post) he use the opportunity to just sit down and strike up a conversation…

” Hello, I couldn’t help but notice you from across the shop and I was wondering why I haven’t received your text message yet. I see you sending one and my phone hasn’t rang. My name is Charlie, may I ask what yours is?”

Well let’s just say that totally surprised me! Of course I told him my name, but when he asked for my number I admit I lied and said I was dating someone already. He remarked “He’s a very lucky man.”  I was extremely flattered and thought it was very nice, but I absolutely am not feeling pretty today. I had maybe 3 hours sleep, was told numerous times today that I looked exhausted, and well this was out of the blue. But then again I never see myself as pretty on most days which I know isn’t a good attitude to have to begin with, but I am and have been working on that over the last few weeks and I’m making some progress. Apparently, when I’m feeling my least attractive, or even when I’m totally not looking persay, is when these random acts happen.

Although he was handsome, I admit I am not in my right frame of mind right now. I do believe I probably would have reacted similarly had I not been dealing with the craziness of last night. Which brings me to last night…

At 4:30 am I woke up from a choking fit. As I was fixing my pajama pant leg that had gotten twisted, I felt what I thought was a beauty mark on the back of my knee. It was, I thought coming off, but it wasn’t coming off. So I turn on the light and what do my eyes see…


A nasty, gross, repulsive, tick burried in my calf muscle. I panicked started sweating profusely, and turned to my phone to see how to remoe it safely. After waking Mom & Twinkle Toes, and almost a half hour trying to get it out, I semi succeeded. Here I am almost 12 hours later with a little piece of it left in my leg 😦 I saved the little bugger and will go to the doctor in Monday. Hopefully this isn’t a lymes tick although they are prevelant out here and apparently after this harsh winter they are expected to thrive. Just wonderful news for the girl who loves to walk in the woods. But I am hoping it won’t stop me from my enjoyment and the peace I get from out in nature.

It is stopping me today. It is beautiful out. About 68 degrees and would have been perfect weather for a hike. But I’m relaxing at the coffee shop and just got up for my second large iced coffee w caramel sauce. Yeah it’s one of THOSE days.

So tell me how you’ve been? Did you take a look t my OPEN HOUSE? If you haven’t yet, you really should. It will remain open all weekend. Check out some new blogs and add yours to the link as well.

I’d tell you that the A to Z challenge has been coming along nicely. Although I notice I’m concentrating more on those posts than my normal posts. BUT I have been getting in the habit of posting daily so I’m happy about that. And I’m really having fun learning new things and finding new blogs.

Ok looks like our time here is up. I do have some things to do today, and maybe after this coffee I’ll hop on down to the beach for a little fresh air, clear my head and just relax a little bit.

The Weekend Coffee Share is the brain child of Diana at PartTimeMonster join us and tell us about what your week has been like! Take a few minuites and catch up with the other bloggers over at the Linky 

Enjoy your weekend!


26 thoughts on “If we were having coffee, the ~ I really wish it was stronger edition…

  1. Asking for a number right off the bat like that is actually a little creepy no? I mean what’s the hurry? Cool your jets and let’s talk a bit first, then maybe you take down HIS number?
    Sounds like the right idea on that tick, definitely get it checked out.

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    • Oh it is a little creepy alright, that was definitely part of the surprise factor, on top of just sitting down in the empty chair at my table. It’s not like I’ve seen him there before either, I do go there often, but he’s not a regular face.
      Monday can’t come soon enough to go see the doctor, hopefully he’ll give me some antibiotics and it turns out to be nothing serious.

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  2. Good call on the pick up try. And good luck with the remainder of the tick. We have a lot of them in the woods around here and fortunately I have not had one latch on.

    Iced coffee sounds wonderful by the way. 🙂


    • Thank you on both accounts. This was a first with a tick for me. I walk almost every day out on this one trail, I maybe went 3 times since the weather has gotten better, and now this. Hopefully nothing serious turns out from it but only time will tell. The coffee hit the spot 🙂


  3. Such a bummer about the tick!! Apparently, they are coming out early this year. Glad you didn’t give the creeper your number…. Seems to be, yet another “parasite”!!


  4. Oh my goodness – I would have freaked out if I’d found a tick! I hope you get it sorted at the doctors. I think I would have been banging down the door about thirty seconds after discover it…well, okay, not that quick. I’m not related to the Flash! Have a super week 😀


    • Trust me, I really wanted to be a the doctor all weekend, but luckily nothing has gotten worse, I keep rubbing it down with alcohol and I did try a few more times to get out the piece still in there, but I don’t want to cause more harm. Bright and early tomorrow I go to the doctor, hopefully he gets it all sorted out. And hey, if need be, we all become the Flash 🙂 Have a fantastic week!.

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  5. Glad you joined us!

    Can’t decide if I’d have been flattered or annoyed by Coffee Shop Romeo. I don’t do well with being approached by a stranger such familiar ways, but sometimes the compliment is nice.


  6. that tick sounds horrible, I actually jumped when I read that part of your post. I hope the trip to the doctors goes well and I agree with the others that the guy sounds slightly creepy. Have a great week.


    • Oh no, so sorry to make you jump, and that is almost what I did straight out of bed at that hour. I’m hoping the doctors visit goes well also, thank you. Yeah the guy was slightly creepy, definitely an interesting turn of events, but not as bad as I think it could be 🙂 Thank you, enjoy your week as well!

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  7. Thanks for the coffee. And the brookie was yummy!

    Ticks are pretty terrible. I hope you get good news at the doctor (or at least, no bad news.) I’m getting the creepy-crawlies just thinking about it.

    That guy was pretty slick. I’m sorry he took my chair. What a pick-up line! Have a great week.


    • You’re welcome, and it certainly was, I even stopped off at the shop to get another for tonight 😉 I’m hoping so for tomorrow as well, so far so good. Keeping positive about it. Yeah I kinda have the creepy crawlies when I think about it too. Haha yes he was quite slick, and how dare he take your chair 😉 Thank you, enjoy your week as well.

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