A to Z Challenge. N is for Ninnananna & Nonna

My Nonna, Pauline and I in 1975. I’m lucky I was named after her 🙂

I do have pictures of her as I was older, but her health was failing and I choose to remember her like this. Smiley, vibrant, a tough little cookie, who would play baseball with me in the street. She taught me how to ride a bike…which she didn’t even know how to ride one at the time. It is a fond memory.

As well as all the Ninnananna’s she would sing to me. 1507864_10152161168309137_1924719228_nThis one in particular isn’t necesarilly a Ninnananna, but it is something she, my mom, and my aunt Rose would sing. There are many kinds of translations to this song, and none of them can accurately state all the proper lyrics. Here is a version I like in Italian, the way I had always heard it. 

Loosely translated, it basically is a young girl who is in search for love. She wants to be married. So she keeps asking her mother who she should marry… Her options are the Butcher, Baker, and Fisherman… just to name a few. As they would sing the song, I was very young, and they would ask me “Paola, che vuoi maritari?” Paula, who do you want to marry?  For some reason, I always remember saying the Fisherman, I don’t know why. I think it was the way they pronounced the word ~ Pescatore.

Today’s A to Z Challenge is brought to you by the letter N. N for ~

Ninnananna – Italian for lullaby

Nonna – Italian for Grandmother

Nostalgia – A sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.

10 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge. N is for Ninnananna & Nonna

  1. Patrizio Buanne on stage, Luna Mezz ’o Mare (ue Mamma), for album “The Italian”
    (watched the video…some 50MB data…but couldn’t parse the lyrics—not fluent with Italian)

    So, you speak Italian?


    • Wow that’s a chunk of data, sorry. I know very little Italian, and what I do know is different dialect, more Sicilian. There are a few versions of the song, but to translate it properly it’s hard due to the dialect. Most translation services use Roman dialect. Loosely translated, since there is no definitive one….Lazy Mary wants to marry someone so she keeps asking her mother. Mom suggests the Butcher, he’ll always have meat, he’ll come and go and go and come … Mary say’s no. She goes through this with the fireman, baker, stonemason, musician, fisherman, and she says no to all of them.

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  2. How cute and special is this post?!!! I’ve heard the song many times, in Italian even, but never knew the translation. The crowd was having a blast, huh? You had a great “N” day!!


    • Thank you so much for your comment. The translation is loosely based, and there are so many you can find on the internet. But again they are not completely accurate depending on the dialect. I do wish my Grandmother was still alive to translate it for me. And yes it was a great “N” Day. 🙂


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