A to Z Challenge. K is for Keraunophobia

Keraunophobia or Ceraunophobia- Fear of thunder and lightning.(Astraphobia, Astrapophobia)

The word Origin is Greek~ Keraunos = ‘thunderbolt’ 


This if a fear I luckily Do Not have. I actually quite enjoy a good thunderstorm and lightning show. They are quite soothing for me.

But I do understand fears. I have a fear of Escalaphobia~ Escalators. I developed it after my car accident, and going down escalators I have to let at least 3 steps go by before feeling safe to get on them. My balance was so off kilter and I was fearful of falling and reinjuring my knees.

Odd maybe, but then again you can say a fear of thunder and lightning is weird too.

For me I remember as a kid, I was a little afraid of the lightning and thunder storms. But I remember clear as day my Mom & Nana telling me a story.

They said everytime I heard the lightning it was my Grandfather and God bowling. The lightning was the ball rolling down the lane and each time the thunder struck… They got a strike.

I was a kid, I never met my Grandfather, he sadly passed away many years before I was born, and well it was soothing to hear that they were playing a game together. So my fear of thunder and lightning became a bowling game up in the heavens that I kind of looked forward to.

It was as if, to me, they were bowling the best game they could…just so I could hear them.

To this day, I sometimes say to myself, there goes Grandpa getting a strike. 🙂

Today’s A to Z Challenge is brought to you by the letter K~ K for Keraunophobia~ Fear of Thunder and Lightning.


25 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge. K is for Keraunophobia

  1. I love the thought of thunder as a bowling game! In my family, thunder was the gods moving furniture around! I don’t suffer from Keraunophobia either (and I love the Greek origins!). I enjoy to watch thunderstorms, especially when lightening brightens the sky 😀


  2. Hehe I love the idea of thunder as a bowling game too, I can imagine the Gods playing with many things. I love thunder and lightning but also feel a bit scared too. I was more scared as a child but I had this weird balance of my mum who was frightened and run into the bathroom (less windows) and my father who would be laughing and encouraging me out to go enjoy the storm.


  3. I enjoy the thunder and lightning as well. What a sweet thought regarding your Grandfather. I was on a float trip in a deep valley once and we couldn’t see the lightning, but could hear the thunder. They sound between strikes was probably a minute apart or more, but it would echo and roll through the hills until the next one sounded.

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    • That must have been amazing to hear, and what a sight it would have been to see as well, if it were possible. I’ve heard the lightning and thunder storms Upstate at my parent’s house, and the sound within the valley is astounding. I wish I could bottle it up 🙂

      Thank you, it’s a fond “memory” of sorts to have of him. 🙂

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  4. I love storms so much! That’s one of the big things I look forward to now that the weather is warming up. There’s nothing better to fall asleep to, or read to…

    My big fear is heights. I’ve always been afraid of heights. I told my boyfriend that’s why I’m short…I’m 5’3″ and I said, “See? I was built to stay close to the ground, so no heights for me!” 😛


    • I completely agree, I love a good storm. As I type this I’m hoping the rain comes soon, I can feel it in the air.
      I’m the same way when it comes to heights and I often joke that’s why I’m only 5 ft hehe no heights for me 🙂 Love your blog by the way. And thank you for stopping by!


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