If we were having coffee…

If we were having coffee, today I’d be having tea. A nice Earl Grey. It’s a beautiful day out and I’m still home. Haven’t ventured out to the local coffee shop yet, because I have many things to do.IMG_3586

But there is a pot of coffee brewed if you like some Chock full o nuts, that’s Moms favorite. She uses her old Farberware Superfast Perkolator. IMG_4883

It does produce a fine cuppa coffee. But I like something a little stronger than her liking. But there is plenty to go around. Or you can bring what you like, grab a seat and lets chat.

I’ve been  participating in this months A-Z Challenge and it has been really fun. Finding new blogs to read, there is such a variety of people participating. Please take a few and check out the other great bloggers HERE…  and as always you can check out some of my past posts, A~J so far, I hope you find something you like.

The challenge has been helping me a little extra this week, keeping me busier than normal, which is a good thing. Keeps my mind off of stuff that I’m having some issues with. Nothing earth shattering, just a bunch of questioning in life.

It’s a normal occurance, but lately it’s been more on my mind. Those late night musings that really creep into your mind. So being occupied with this challenge is helping keep me busy but also work through some thoughts. It’s cathartic, therapeutic and relaxing even if some of the letters keep me on my toes. 😉

IMG_4741I’m loving the fact that this weather has taken a change for the better, the sun is out, shining bright, and even though it’s windy as a tumbleweed storm, it’s quite peaceful. I long for the days to be out on the trail, taking in the fresh air and being one with nature. I NEED that feeling. I was always a water person but lately over the last year of taking up the hiking/walking in the nature preserves I totally feel more at peace there, than I do at the ocean. Still wouldn’t trade my 5 min drive to the beach for anything but I love the woods just as much.

Oh and I finally bought myself a new computer. I had been looking online for a few weeks. Obviously I needed something that would work well for me, nothing too fancy, and definitely NOT expensive. I don’t buy big items like this often, and I am saving for my adventure trip I keep talking about…. so last night my Mom, after a wonderful day just hanging out and Jammin to AC/DC and Led Zeppelin in the car   she was watching QVC and saw a computer on special value.

I went to take a look and it was the computer I’ve had my eye on for a few days. HP 15″ Touch Laptop Intel Quad Core 4GB RAM 1TB HDD. Yes the 4 GB is minimum, but it can be upgraded when and if I need to. And I couldn’t beat the price. 6 payments of $81 OHHHH and It’s RED. I must have made the right decision, because I wasn’t having lingering thoughts of oh boy did I make the right choice. Nothing like that at all. So it should arrive by the 27th. I can’t wait. Don’t laugh, it’s my first laptop. Yes I know welcome to the world lol. It’s gonna be fun.

Well I think it’s finally time for that cuppa coffee, I haven’t had one in a few days. Haven’t been enjoying milk lately. So it puts a damper on my coffee/latte enjoyment. Might try a Mocha Latte with Soy milk today. Or go for an iced coffee and hit the trail.

I hope you have a wonderful day, a great week ahead. Thanks for joining me in Weekend Coffee Share, Part Time Monster hosts a weekly coffee share. To join the fun and see what everyone else is doing for the coffee share, go to the “linky“

Those are my Random Musings and Wanderlust for this weekend. See you round! 🙂

11 thoughts on “If we were having coffee…

  1. Hearing about the new computer, I was thinking, ‘great 🙂 ,’ until you mentioned that it was a laptop, and not a Tough Book, etc. Generic laptops have a lifespan measured in months. (Includes my own experience.) Smartphones last longer.

    Be sure to back everything up, because the hard drives tend to be the first to go. (1TB sounds great, but it also means more sensitive to the physical motions. Shipping alone is bound to lower its life expectancy.)

    Sorry to be a bummer, but laptop HDDs need shock-proofing…and back-up.


    • Not a bummer, it’s cool. It’s my first laptop anyway, and honestly I’m not expecting much of a lifespan out of it, because everyone always says they don’t last too long. But yeah a few months that stinks. At least there’s lifetime tech support 😉 and my first plan of action, well next month, is to by a back up external drive. It’s funny, my mom asked if I should buy a shock proof case for it, just in case. I’ve never heard of a Tough book before. Chrome book yes, but I didn’t want one of those.


      • Oh, no…external hard drives can be even worse than internal HDDs (the case may act like a shock-absorber, I think). I’ve only used flash drives for backup since the Zip drive failed.


  2. Yep, the Faberware peculator is like the one I use. Or two – I have one at home and one at the “camp”. And i love my walk on the beach (if it’s wild enough) and the woods – the woods I get at home, both I can get at the “camp” on Cape Cod. Hope your laptop works well for you. Have a great week and thanks for the coffee.

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    • I was thinking about your post from last weekend and the coffee pot, when I posted this one today. She has 2, a larger one than this. Got to love being outdoors in nature. I was able to get out there in the woods trail today, although just for an hour it was worth it. Thank you, I’m hoping it does too, we shall see when it finally arrives. Thanks for joining me for coffee, see you next week as well. Enjoy!

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    • I do enjoy my coffee. We are lucky there is an awesome organic roaster in town, puts all other coffee chains to shame. So that’s usually my coffee of choice. But Earl and I have a good bond too lol. Yep my mom is pretty cool for sure. I’m a lucky girl! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  3. Glad to hear about the new computer and that you’ve had fun with A to Z so far! I’ve been far busier than I anticipated and am WAY behind on my visits, but I’m loving it!


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