A to Z Challenge, G is for ~ Gluten Free

Gluten Free living, because of health reasons and not a fad diet. That’s what we’re gonna talk about today kids.

Well a little bit,(I do try to keep the A~Z posts short) and  because Gluten Free in this sense, is very serious business. For some people, those with Celiac Disease especially, it is even more serious than it is for me. I suffer with Gluten Intolerance or Sensitivity. Had I been tested for Celiac Disease at the time I had my first full-blown reaction, things may have been different.

GLUTEN: is a substance present in cereal grains, especially wheat, that is responsible for the elastic texture of dough. A mixture of two proteins, it causes illness in people with Celiac disease. It is also present in Rye, Barley, and triticale (a wheat-rye cross).

For me specifically, if I ingest gluten I start with an itch in my throat, a constant need to clear my throat, I get itchy watery eyes, mucus, sneezing, I develop a migraine, sometimes I can get stomach pains, gas, bloating, pains in my back, nausea, and hives. These are just a few of the symptoms I get when I eat gluten, and some of the symptoms can last for days. The more careful I am about making sure gluten does not invade my diet (mistakes made by restaurants, family , friends, cross contamination just to name a few) the more severe the symptoms can be.

IMG_4823I am fortunate that in this day and age, there are more products that are being developed gluten-free. I try to keep my gluten-free diet (which by the way I hate to use the word diet, because this is a way of life, a necessity, a need, not a fad to lose some weight.) as natural, and clean as possible. Eating the least amount of processed foods I can. But there are days where a nice bagel, pizza, grilled cheese sandwich, or a cupcake is needed. So I’m happy there are more options.

Gluten is not dangerous for people who do not have gluten sensitivity or Celiac disease, but there are proponents that think eliminating it can assist in various other forms of auto immune diseases, such as Thyroid issues. It is possible and of course something that you should look into with your doctor.

3t6f77If I can leave one piece of wisdom it is this ~

If someone tells you they need to eat gluten-free, for whatever their reasons are, DON’T assume that because there are certain people who say the same thing, but then devour the bread basket, or eat that piece of German Chocolate Cake, that we are ALL the same. There are those people who really do a huge disservice to those of us who NEED to eat this way for our safety and well-being. Don’t assume we are all like the nagging fad dieter who does it cause they think it’s the next hot trend. This is not a trend and honestly I don’t think I would ever choose to do this had I no real health reason to do so.

I follow a select few Powerhouse Gluten Free Bad Ass Advocates (as I like to call them) and you can find them here:

Celiac and the Beast

Gluten Dude


This does not cover the full extent of Celiac Disease, or Gluten Intolerance but it is just a glimpse of some things. I wil be writing more about both in the coming weeks.

There is no cure for Gluten Sensitivity or Celiac Disease,  and the only treatment is to follow a gluten-free diet.

IMPORTANT: Do not self-diagnose. If you think you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, talk to your doctor about testing before you start a gluten-free diet. This is the only way to ensure accurate test results and protect your long-term health.

Find out more about testing and screening.
Read more at http://celiac.org/celiac-disease/non-celiac-gluten-sensitivity/#1qRSQ0m1zluP647Y.99

9 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge, G is for ~ Gluten Free

  1. Yea!!! Great article. I changed my life when I went gf. It was like a decade of insanity was lifted. I didn’t get all the testing I needed before going gf though, so I highly recommend it. At this point I would NEVER return to eating gluten so I will never know the extent of my disease…but I will maintain a totally gf diet forever. Test before you stop eating it!

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    • Thank you so much, Susan. I would absolutely recommend the Celiac testing before self diagnosis and going gluten free. I had my Ahha moment back on April 1st 2012 and went straight to a gf life. I wish I had known then what I’ve learned over the years. I would never subject my body and sanity to eat gluten filled foods for a diagnosis at this point. But definitely wish I had before stopping back then. Sound advice chica!!!


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  4. Reblogged this on Random Musings And Wanderlust and commented:

    Today we’re bringing you a Flashback Friday/AtoZChallenge post for the letter G. G is for Gluten Free! It’s a topic near and dear to my heart, since I’ve been Gluten Free for a little over 4 years now due to Gluten Intolerance. Please take a moment to read the post, as the information in it is just as relevant today as it was last year. Happy A to Z~ing!


  5. I couldn’t imagine having to live with something so limiting, and it annoys me how people with genuine reasons get lumped in with the ones who claim they are gluten free, then sit eating bread and it turns out they are only gluten free when it suits them!


    • In the very beginning I thought the same thing, but with time, it has gotten a little easier. It’s limiting with regards to restaurants and fast food, but that’s really fine with me as I try very hard not to eat too much in the way of processed foods as possible. It’s not always successful, I will eat comfort food when I want it lol. And those people who do that very thing really grinds my gears, for the fact that their attitude and the perception they give off to the rest of the public, is how the public views ALL people who are gluten free, and it’s a huge disservice to the gluten free community as a whole.


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