A to Z Challenge. F is for Fit Fat Fabulous Female

IMG_4819Ok I want to preface by saying I don’t consider myself a fat woman. I am a woman who has fat. We all have fat.

Fat is an adjective imposed by the person who sees you through their eyes. (in some cases our own as well)

Their Opinion of you.

I see myself as a Fierce Fit Fabulous Woman who happens to have a few extra curves and is damn proud of every inch of them. Sure I’m not what the doctors would say is a healthy weight for my height, I’m sure I can lose a few more pounds.

Yet I am healthy by most other medical standards. How is that even possible? A person with fat can be healthy? Have good cholesterol, great blood pressure! Yes it is possible. I may not be 100 lbs, damn I will never be 100 lbs, but that’s ok.

BUT in the same respect I have no shame for the body I possess.

WHY? ~ 

It is mine, the only one I will get. It has been, torn, tattered, battered, bruised, put through the ringer far too many times, and in unimaginable ways to recount. It has suffered loss, happiness, anger, depression, fear, hopes, and dreams. And for those exact reasons, I embrace the body for which I have brought back countless times from the brink of depression (and no doubt will continuously do) it is the body that survived a severe car accident, and many other losses for which I have yet to dive into on this blog journey. For all those reasons, and more, I embrace who I am. Extra pounds and all.

I don’t want to make this post about fat positive, or skinny shaming, or any other body issue. What I want this to be is a positive reflection for each and every one of you. Man, or Woman, to take a moment and look at yourself in the mirror. Really look at yourself. Look past the imperfections, look past the “I wish” that gleams across your eyes. And truly LOOK at yourself. See where you’ve been, how far you’ve come, and yes how far you still will/have to go. You are more than the numbers on the scale. The size of your outfit. The size that society THINKS you need to be. Be whole in your essence, be whole in your presence. Be whole in your strengths and weaknesses. For no one in this world has gone through what you have. You are far from perfect. That’s quite alright. In fact that is simply amazing. I wouldn’t want to strive for perfection, just the best version of me I can be.

I tried searching the internet for an image of a fat/overweight woman who was also fit, fabulous and fierce. Well let’s just say I couldn’t find one. What would come up was either porn(ish), a judgemental meme of crap, or an advertisement. I didn’t want and advertisement. I wanted a REAL woman. Not airbrushed, no Photoshop. Just natural curves in all their glory. Hard subject to find. Maybe if I perused some people’s instagram or tumblr feeds?

So instead I will leave you with these photos. You take from them what you wish.

Today’s A to Z Challenge is the letter F.~ F for Fit Fat Fabulous Female. You can still be considered fat, yet have strength that outnumbers other body forms. 🙂


13 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge. F is for Fit Fat Fabulous Female

  1. ‘A person with fat can be healthy? Have good cholesterol, great blood pressure!?’

    With all the food choices left *cough* gluten-intolerance *cough* I’d say it’s very possible. 😉
    Still, after all the trials and tribulations…ups & downs…in weight…I’m not taking back that instance I called you beautiful.

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