If we were having coffee 

IMG_4778If we were having coffee today I’d let you know I’ve escaped to my favorite little shop and grabbed a seat by the window. I’ve also saved you one so grab your favorite beverage and let’s have a chat. Today I even bought an extra special treat. The shop started carrying little gluten free gems! Finally something besides a delicious granola bar or delectable chocolates,I can have while I enjoy my coffee. It’s quite tasty and rich, I do believe I will save some for dessert tonight after my dinner.

How has your week been?

Anything new or exciting happen? Anything special, or just something you’re looking forward to this coming week?

I will say I can’t wait for the final season of Mad Men to start tonight. Something about that show, although I was not around during that era, I can completely relate to the Advertising Agency dynamic, to a point. Granted when I worked in advertising it was in the late 90’s to early 00’s (ok I don’t even know how to write the 2000’s 2K’s ugh and to think it was so long ago) Anyway even during my time period, the stereotypes of women in advertising, was still hanging over our heads. I was lucky, I had a supportive company I worked for, that actually encouraged it’s employees. All of them. But I had surely witnessed my fair share of descrimination/sexism etc. either around me or to me. It was always so surprising to me to be asked “Wow you’re a Media Buyer? That’s usually a mans position” Well excuse me, my deals were always handled with the utmost of care, attention to detail, and I moved up very quickly in a short amount of time. Not tooting my own horn, but I swear had I not had my accident, goodness only knows what possibilities would have been available to me…. but I digress. That was the past, and so I live slightly vicariously through the episodes of Mad Men. Sad to see it go, but like everything else, there’s a time and a place, and this is its time.

So this past week has been pretty interesting to say the least. Yes it’s Easter Sunday and I do celebrate it. But as I’ve gotten older and there are no children around, the holidays have lost their meaning along the way. For various reasons not just the absence of children. I don’t discuss religion, or politics, that much or at all, because there is always some kind of issue.

I’ve steered away from the Catholic Church for two main reasons.

  1. I don’t feel at peace when I am in my local church. That feeling of joy and closeness has been long gone when I walk into those doors. For both the Priests that preach there, and the sterile enviornment it embodies.
  2. Also because I don’t feel like I’m such a great Catholic because I do not align completely with their preaching. I believe God accepted EVERYONE, and I don’t believe the church does that. How can I step foot into an establishment I don’t compleetely agree with?  I do believe in God, and a spiritual presence, and I’m comfortable praying at home.

I have God in my heart, and for me I don’t need to be at church.

Wow I kinda went off there but I guess the day it kind of goes. I won’t bore you with my beliefs. But I do wish everyone who celebrates, a Blessed Easter, and also a Happy Passover, or a happy Sunday!

I’d also tell you that this week I’ve been participating in the beginning of the month long A-Z Challenge and boy is it an interesting ride. Every post so far has been challenging but so worth it. I’m exploring different writing styles (to me) and enjoying the experience. It really is fun. You can check out some of my posts, A~D so far, I hope you find something you like. Also please check out the other great bloggers that are participating HERE

I’ve been finding different types of poetry and also just some other random posts. Looking forward to the rest of the alphabet and I have a few special things planned for the letters K, S, & T. I’m really looking forward to S because I had been planning a post for a while and unbeknownst to me it coincides perfectly with the days letter.

I would also say that if you have an IDEA that you’d like me to explore during the challenge, drop me a comment down below and I’ll look into it. Remember A~Z is a daily (minus Sundays) post that corresponds to a letter of the alphabet. Tomorrow, Monday April 6th will be the letter E

I’m still posting from my phone and switching between the iPhone app and the web browser version. It’s a big pain in the patootie more so for the photo adjustments but I’m learning some HTML and other techniques in the meantime so not all is lost. Always trying to make the best of situations at hand. That’s my motto, don’t know how much I succeed in that but I’ll keep trying.

Well I’m off to go make dinner. Roast pork loin and sweet potatoes. I’m looking forward to the sweet potatoes more than the pork, but that’s just me. It’s going to be hopefully a nice quiet evening at home with Mom & Teach (stepdad).

I hope you have a wonderful day, a great week ahead. Thanks for joining me in Weekend Coffee Share, Part Time Monster hosts a weekly coffee share. To join the fun and see what everyone else is doing for the coffee share, go to the “linky

Those are my Random Musings and Wanderlust for this weekend. See you round!


28 thoughts on “If we were having coffee 

  1. I enjoyed the “chat” very much. I don’t talk much on religion very often either, but I will say my opinions align quite closely to yours, though I’m Presbyterian. The line “I have God in my heart, and for me I don’t need to be at church.” is how I feel but I do take my Mother to church sometimes. I feel closest to him when I’m surrounded by nature, alone with my thoughts. I don’t watch Mad Men regularly but the episodes I’ve seen are quite good. I’m glad we’re moving away from sexism as a society though it is still quite prevalent, especially in salary gaps. If I ever come across a person spouting sexist remarks (usually of course it’s a guy) I always throw one of my favorite quotes at them. Maybe it’s because my dear Father worked his rear off and was on the road so often causing me to be raised mainly by my Mom and Grandmother. They’re sweet, but don’t take any crap. I’ve always been drawn to strong women as a result. I hope you enjoy your dinner. Sounds yummy. I’m making pasta angelica with clams. I developed a shell fish allergy late in life which absolutely bums me out. No shrimp, lobster, or crab but I seem to be OK with clam chowder so I went to the store and bought clams and Benedryl. LOL. Here’s the quote and Happy Easter! “I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men, they are far superior and always have been.”
    ~William Golding


    • I’m glad you enjoyed the chat, and feel the same way when I’m out in nature alone with my thoughts. It is then that I feel connected somehow. It’s hard to explain to some people.
      I wasn’t hooked on Mad Men at first, it took me till season 2 to start watching, then I stopped again, and then binged watched on Netflix to catch up maybe 5th season. Sexism still is prevalent, but I do see a lot of progress, and can only hope it continues to be more balanced as time goes on. I love how you talk about your Mom and Grandma “sweet, but don’t take any crap” that’s my Mom. My Grandma and Aunt were that way as well. I’m grateful for the strong women figures in my life, I was raised by my Mom & Grandma, and I think I’m better for it.
      Dinner was delish, thank you, and yours sounds amazin! Surprised you don’t have the issues with the clams! But that’s a good thing. Hopefully you don’t need the benadryl lol. That’s usually my lifesaver when it comes to gluten issues.
      Love the quote, I may have to steal it. THanks again and Happy Easter to you as well. 🙂

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  2. Happy Easter! I hope you enjoyed your Easter dinner. We had ham with sweet potatoes here. I can relate to you not wanting to speak about religion. Faith is a big part of my life, but I’m afraid if I talk about it much I’ll turn people off before they know anything about my faith. I feel like many people call themselves Christians but give Christianity a bad name. But I ramble. I hope you had a wonderful Easter. Thanks for the coffee!


    • Thank you, I did and thanks for stopping by. Your dinner sounds yummy, hope you enjoyed your Easter as well. Having faith is wonderful, and I don’t think people should be turned off by someone who has a solid foundation and appreciation for it. Although I will agree, there are Christians who give Christianity a bad name, as do countless people of all faiths. Sadly it’s when grouping them all together that the person passing judgement on a religious group is no better than the bad apples among the group. If that makes sense. And please don’t worry about rambling. I welcome it, I encourage it, I do it myself. So please don’t let me feel all alone lol 😉 Thank you again. Hope you enjoy the rest of your night!

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  3. I need to catch up on this season of Mad Men so that I can watch the final episodes—definitely looking forward to them!

    I left the church a long time ago, for similar reasons, but I grew up in a small protestant church in a small town, too, and it always felt claustrophobic.


    • I finally caught up last week, and boy was the season a bit of a doozie. Well all of them have some sick twisted thing going on, but it was good.
      That claustrophobic feeling and sterile atmosphere for me just doesn’t work. I’ve had lovely churches I’ve belonged to during my lifetime, but I find it so much more difficult to get back there once you feel so removed.
      Thanks for stopping by, and as always, being a gracious host! 🙂

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      • I think it was her telling him, you missed out on a good thing. (With her). Sorry for the sidebar on Mad Men, just waited so long for this to start again.
        PS, this was a nice cup of coffee with you. 😉

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      • Don’t apologize I welcome sidebars, ramblings and things out of left field. It adds to the atmosphere.
        I think you you have a good point there. At first I thought it was a little hint of something yet to come with Don. I still think in some not so cryptic way it has something to do with the final episode and my theory has always been that Don is the body in the beginning promo falling out the building. Probably a lot of people think that. And see here I am rambling lol. Glad you enjoyed the coffee! 🙂

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  4. Sounds like you caught up on Mad Men more than me… the cable and TV are busted, so I can’t watch the show. Sigh, missed the first part of the season, and now the first of the final episodes. 😦

    You could tell us more about these gluten-free foods you mentioned, if any of them fall into one of the up-coming letters…

    Happy Easter Sun— er, Monday. It’s Monday now. Dyngus Day.


    • Yes I did finally catch up, I’m sorry that your tv and cable are busted. I will try not to do spoilers. Damn I think I turned into one of “those” people everyone is always complaining about. 😦
      Your idea about the gluten free foods is a very good one. I’m trying to see which of my favorites fall under the letters. If I can’t make it work with specific products, I may do it for G. Gluten Free. Which I’ve been tossing the idea around.
      Dyngus Day. Wow today is turning into a day of learning a few new things. I had no idea what that meant. Thank goodness for google. Happy Monday to you too, Adam!

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  5. I’d love to join you for your next coffee morning in that coffee shop…especially if they have gluten free goodies! I live in the Algarve and you can’t ANYTHING like that at all, which is why I usually go mad in the stuff when I visit the States LOL!
    I’ve never watched Mad Men. Can you believe it. I’ve been told by practically everyone I know that I should but I just never got round to it. And now it’s finishing? Oh well. My bad, I guess. (I did the same thing with Friends… never watched it!).
    Namaste 😀


    • I’d gladly save you a seat and get you a few extra gluten free goodies as well. It’s so odd, I always heard that the US had less options as far as gluten free goes, although it is getting better. Now I learned something new, as well as where The Algarve is. 🙂
      You should try to watch it, if you have an interest in it. I just recently watched the Doctor Who series, after countless people told me I should. I caught up on Netflix, and now I’m just one season behind. Wow you’ve never watched Friends? It was a good show, but not something I would personally say is a must watch. Hope you are enjoying your day so far, and I’ll keep a seat open for you any time! ~Paula 🙂


  6. that was a nice coffe chat 🙂 I espeacially enjoyed your musings about the advertising industry. i have worked in advertising before and though there were a lot of women working there, of course the important positions were all held by men. i’ve never watched Mad Men but maybe I should try it. do you know the movie “39,90” about the advertising industry? it’s really extrem and exagerated but i think it’s a great movie which has some true messages.


    • Thanks for joining me and glad you enjoyed the chat. I’ve never heard of 39,90 and just did a search for it. My poor excuse for French classes paid off (slightly) as I was able to follow along with the trailer. Then I did find one with English subtitles, and it was just as I assumed lol. It is extreme but yet still touches on some of the reality of the business. I think I’m going to have to find it and watch the whole thing. Thanks for mentioning it. I do hope you get to watch Mad Men. It is a little far fetched to some, but it really is good. Enjoy your week and thanks for stopping by


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