A ~ Z Challenge. “Beauty Transcends”

The flow of your hair

In the mid summer air

The mischievous glance

Perhaps you’ll grant me a chance

The sway in your hips

The curve of your lips

The sweet way you talk

As we go for a walk

I can’t help but stare

At your cute derriere 

You’re a sight to behold

You’re brave and you’re bold

Your beauty shines from within

Oh where do I begin

To let you comprehend

That your true beauty transcends

All that I can convey

Will surely leave you dismayed

But it bares repeating

My love won’t ever be fleeting

My heart is within your heart

Where the two shall never part 


Update** I neglected to say that this post is for the April A to Z Blogging Challenge. Today’s letter is B. B for Beauty. Beauty Transcends. In all it’s forms from within to the outer beauty that radiates from a woman. Trying to see the beauty within ourselves that others often see, and we over look.


13 thoughts on “A ~ Z Challenge. “Beauty Transcends”

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