A to Z Blogging Challenge. A is for…

Audacious in his

Amongst his



Welcome to my first A~Z Challenge Post.

 A is for Autoschediastic – Done on the spur of the moment or improvised. 

Which is basically what most of, if not all of my challenge posts will focus on.

Spur of the moment improvisation.Although I love to plan some things out in life, others I just like to go on a whim and see where the wind takes me. 

So my blogging, and living, usually seem to take the same spur of the moment path. You never know where we  (I) will end up. So lets begin the adventure today and see what the rest of the month holds.


11 thoughts on “A to Z Blogging Challenge. A is for…

  1. If we were having coffee— I mean, Ahem, if I were doing the A-Z Challenge this month, I’d probably just be pulling random words out of the dictionary. Add Wikipedia, and boom, I am…pathetic.

    xylotomy: preparation of sections, typically small slivers, of wood for microscopic study, often using a microtome.


    • Not pathetic, actually there are a few people who are doing random words/obscure words etc. I just happened to find this word during a search of unused words and I thought it was really cool. So I incorporated it into a little poem. I might do it again, I might not. There’s 24 more days to find out 🙂
      Xylotomy~ interesting, never heard of that before, and now I’m also going to search for Microtome!


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