If we were having coffee

Welcome to Weekend Coffee Share, I saved you a seat at my favorite local roaster and the mocha latte with caramel is rather delightful.

If we were having coffee today I’d ask how your week has been? Anything new and exciting happen? Let’s catch up on the week!

I’d tell you that it’s been a bit hectic here. My stepdad had catarac surgery two months ago and apparently now he has a bleed behind the eye. Needless to say his vision in that eye is worsening and he’s a stubborn old goat, so he’s persistent in not following through with procedures to try to mend this issue. Why they didn’t see this bleed before surgery is beyond me. I think it happened because of the surgery. But what do I know? 

So trying to help and mediate between my Mom who is clearly and justifiably at her wits end, my stepdad who is stubborn, and the countless doctors, I am seriously in need of an escape. But that will have to wait since I have too much going on.

My rebuilt computer is giving me problems so I’ve been stumbling with posting from my old iPhone 4 which is also giving me problems. It’s a never ending problem cycle. I’m sure I’ll figure things out but I admit I’m worried about the A-Z Challenge. I don’t have posts prewritten so I’m just hoping I can pull this off. I’m sure somehow I’ll try at least.

I did have a great weekend so all was not lost.


A wonderful friend in my Gluten Free group, who won tickets to a fantastic night of comedy at Madison Square Garden (but she lives in Arizona) so she passed the tickets on to me.  So I asked my friend Cindy to come along.

These two pictures really have me annoyed! The picture on the left is Cindy’s & the right is mine. As soon as I saw her picture I insisted to take another with my phone, just for comparison sake. And also for a post I am working on in the next month. I have said previously I hate taking selfies…Now I think I know why. I hate the way I look in my phones photos. Other peoples, I kinda like them. So here we were, same spot, only mere moments apart, and the crappiness of my photo compared to hers is just so annoying. I really do need to get a new phone.

We had an eventful night of laughs, at the show, our train ride, and trying to find something to eat that was sage for me.

Thank goodness for Chipotle!!  IMG_4486

Why did it take me an hour long ride into Manhattan, using my Find Me Gluten Free app to finally eat there? lol. It was so good!!

It really was a great night, that topped off an semi decent week of craziness. It’s weird how time in the city always brightens my spirits. The hustle, bustle, even the crazy train ride home, packed like sardines in the train car vestibule, it was still a really great way to top off my week.

Now more computer shopping, and phone shopping. So I’m throwing it out there to you my readers..

What computers, laptops preferably since I am finally going to upgrade after 15 years, would you recomend. And how about cell phones. Honestly anything is better than what I have currently, but I’m always opened for suggestions.

Thanks for joining me in a very late night cuppa coffee, hope you had a great week. Lets catch up again soon. 🙂


12 thoughts on “If we were having coffee

  1. I haven’t looked at computer or phone models, and lord knows the camera in my phone isn’t the best, starting to get a pinkish coloration in the middle of the lens, always needing color-correction.

    …Hmm. Just had a dé jà vû.

    Anyway, no digital camera will really compare to human vision, as electronic lenses picks up wavelength ranges very differently (fluorescent and quartz lighting will come out wrong). The iPhone 5 image looks like its gamma levels are proper (or close enough). So much contrast in the right image…

    On the PC side, I’ve had experience with an HP machine (died), and with a Dell (current). The latter, I would say is a probably smoother ride. The cost for a Mac is always higher, but that’s in part because of the great customer service.

    Sorry for the long comment, given you’ve indicated that you can’t read them from a computer…


    • Don’t worry about long comments for some reason the comment threads I have no issue with in the app. But it’s more sizing and placing photos within a post in the app that are difficult. If I use the browser version it’s a little better just a few more steps. Not the end I the world but not as smooth as the computer.
      And wouldn’t you know, this morning after 4 days of the same “Drive not found. No boot device available” error. the dang thing turned on this morning and windows is up and running again. I just deleted all my old computer files and I shall see how it goes. But def need a new one. I priced an older model of a Mac at Best Buy but the newer version is $100 more. So prob better to do that if I was going for a Mac. It’s been so long since buying a computer my old Hp lasted 12 years. Things have changed and my knowledge isn’t up to speed.
      How’s that for a long comment. From the phone no less.


      • Placing pics in WP on a phone is the worst.

        It’s pretty bad if the machine won’t start at all.

        I’m not sure if it’s all that worth it getting a Mac these days—although they are still reliable, from what I take (the ancient 1993 Mac will still start up). I’ve come to enjoy Windows a bit, so I’m a bit biased.

        I’d instead just recommend getting a 64-bit machine (all current-day PCs are), as software developers are moving away from 32-bit.

        I’m not sure I’d recommend anything from HP, as both the laptop and the PC here died relatively quickly. And also the power cord recall (fire hazard).


      • I’m so used to windows, I’m not sure I’ll be able to handle a mac, but a new one is coming out so the older model will be a little less. Still not sure if it’s worth the price, but I’m going to try to see what I can come up with this week.
        The picture thing is a conflict, even the link to my facebook page for the last two posts is causing an issue. I debugged it but still not sure why I’m having issues. I’ll just say it’s a learning experience to see all these little quirks.

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  2. I hope your step dad gets his eye fixed soon. Glad you had a great weekend, the show looks like it was a good one.
    Both photos are still good. You both look happy and pretty in them.
    I have a samsung note 2 for droid and I like it. This is my 3rd samsung phone. I had an htc which didn’t cope well, & Motorola b4 that which was ok but hd issues on updates.
    For pc’s I would have one custom built for what you need or want. It can be pricey but worth it. If not go apple/mac. Not as many issues as with windows but also not as compatible as windows is.
    Dinner looked great and obviously worth the trip.
    That’s my small take on it.
    Good morning to you and enjoy the coffe. I know I am.


    • Thank you, I’m hoping his eye is better as well.
      The show was hilarious. Dane Cook and Lewis Black stole the show and as crude and rude as their humor was I think they could have gone a little more lol. I was very lucky to get the tickets.
      Thank you for the kind words on the photos.
      As for the phone I was debating on switching to a samsung galaxy or upgrading the iPhone. A custom computer probably not in my budget and not really needed. Years ago I would have said yes. Now I just use it for blogging, writing, and internet browsing. Ironically enough my computer ( which was built for me back in December after my 12 yo HP desktop died) just started up again. So back to Best Buy tomorrow to search again.
      Glad you enjoyed the coffee 🙂 and thanks for the tips!

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  3. Sorry to hear about your step-dad’s eye. Hopefully that will get cleared up soon.

    I am an Apple/Mac guy from way back. My first computer was an Apple II. So my opinion is a little biased. That being said, I would identify what are you going do with the computer first. The operating systems all have their strengths. If you are looking for cheap, go with a stock PC and install Linux on it and use Open Office for your word processing and spreadsheet functions.

    Phones, kinda the same thing, I’m an iPhone guy, I have an iPhone and it does just fine.

    Best of luck on your A-to-Z journey. This is my first year to participate and I’m getting excited. Have a great week.

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    • Thank you I’m hoping his eye is better soon as well.
      I’m using the computer for mainly writing, blogging, and internet. It’s just been so long since buying one the last time and the technology has changed so much. I was seriously debating on a Mac but coming from a PC not sure if the change will be tough. As for the phone I had a blackberry then got my iPhone and I’ve had the 4 for way too long lol but it’s been working as well as I can expect but between a poor battery, not able to upgrade iOS and the camera it’s on it’s last leg.
      Thanks for the luck on A-Z I’m looking forward to it as well and am looking forward to your posts! Enjoy your week too!!

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      • I would go to a PC store and an Apple store and play with both. Windows has changed a lot since Windows XP. I use PCs at work. I also have an app on my iMac that lets me install and run Windows or any other operating systems. Sound like you don’t need any special software or hardware, so I would say go with what you feel comfortable with after trying out the latest operating systems.


      • I was at Apple today, played around a little. I know a newer model is coming out on the air model I think. So possibly a sale on the older model. Best Buy is running a sale now so I’ll see. Hoping to make a decision this week. No nothing big or crazy is needed, just something basic, but still not one I’m going to have to upgrade in a few months

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