The Great and Powerful A~Z Theme Reveal

The Great and Powerful A~Z Theme Reveal


A little while back I decided to throw my hat into the ring for the Blogging from A~Z April 2015 Challenge.

Each day of the month, except Sundays, corresponds to a different letter :

April 1st = A
April 2nd = B
April 3rd = C
And so on.

26 letters, 26 days…what was I thinking? I was thinking this would be an interesting challenge, the first of its kind for me. Why not try a go at it. What’s the worst that could happen? (I really hope I don’t find out)

I’m nervous to say the least, although I try to blog everyday here, it doesn’t always happen. I have NOT prewritten any posts, and honestly my Theme for this challenge has been a bit of a conumdrum for me.

I’ve tossed ideas around in my head.

Dating, Gluten Free living, Self Compassion, Life on Long Island, Poetry with alliteration … but I just couldn’t settle on any one in particular. Then the curtain went up and my theme hit me….

Random Musings and Wanderlust! 

Why didn’t I think of that at first?

I will be blogging about all things Random Musings and Wanderlust, probably a dabble here and there of the themes I was tossing around before settling on this particular one. I think this suits me better as a first time challenge, and although a strict theme is not necessary, other bloggers have recounted that it has helped having a central theme.

For me we shall see, and who knows, maybe next year (if I decide to do this again) I may try a specific theme throughout the month.

Looking forward to what the month will bring, as I have not written anything up yet. Flying by the seat of my pants you can say. Well I hope you enjoy the wild ride with me, and it’s entertaining for us all.

Check back daily, beginning April 1st and I hope to be doing the challenge posts mixed in with other posts as well. If not, I’m at least striving to deliver the A~Z posts if nothing extra.

Find a comprehensive list of other bloggers participating in this monthly challenge Here
Twitter hashtag is #AtoZChallenge and Twitter id is @AprilA2Z
There is also a Facebook Page 


21 thoughts on “The Great and Powerful A~Z Theme Reveal

  1. Obviously the fire isn’t turned up high enough! Do you need a diving board to go with all of that enthusiasm? You knew of course Butchcountry67 nominated you for the creative blogger award too, right? You are really going gung ho Paula, good luck with all of your endeavors. I am proud of your willingness to take on so many challenges!


    • I did not know this!!! I now have to go take a look. :/ I dislike when things pass my by like that. Im always trying to keep up with posts. Thank you, I’m trying to dig deep and stir up the creativity that’s been lying dormant for too long. Hopefully a little fertilizer of shorts will help it lol.

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    • Yes essentially each day of the month, except on Sundays, I will post a blog post that corresponds with the corresponding letter of the day. If I had chosen a specific theme, lets say Gluten Free Living…Then on the 1st I would blog letter A and maybe tackle “Acceptance” of living this lifestyle, and so on with each letter. Since I’m not sticking with a singular theme, my posts will be random (it is themeish lol) and you can expect to see daily posts that are prompted by the letter of the day.

      You can check out the specifics of it, in much more detail here & the other hundreds of bloggers that will be doing similar.

      Some blogs are doing themes such as~ Mythology, Superheros, Music, Words, Short stories, and I believe Shawn(right below this post) is doing something like Thoughts and Wisdom from Grandma, and Pattyalcala’s theme (right above this post) is doing Chronic Illness. The possibilities are endless, and I do hope I explained it well.


Join in the Random Musings and Wanderlust ;-)

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