#TeamShway All the way. Noah Galloway, on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars.

I’m not a huge fan of reality television. I stop on a few shows here and there, when, well I’m completely bored out of my mind and I want to see how other people live.

But, as a fan of Noah Galloway, from before his Dancing With The Stars debut on Monday, March 16, 2015. I just HAD to watch. I’ve watched in the past, when a certain celebrity was on that I was rooting for. Hines Ward, of the Pittsburg Steelers, and last season, Alfonso Riberio, of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

This year however, had much deeper meaning behind why I was tuning in, similar to the year I watched JR Martinez compete on DWTS.

I had heard of Noah through some Facebook posts, one page giving a shout out to his Facebook page, and asking to share the love. Having followed another wounded warrior, who is also an inspiration in how he has persevered through adversity, I knew I had to follow Noah’s personal journey as well.

And I’m so glad I did.

Sergeant Noah Galloway, was assigned to the 1st of the 502nd Infantry of the 101st Airborne Division out of Fort Campbell, Kentucky during Operation Iraqi Freedom. On December 19, 2005, Galloway lost his left arm above the elbow and left leg above the knee in an Improvised Explosive Device attack. After a long stint in recovery and rehabilitation, Galloway did what many disabled veterans do, becoming withdrawn, out of shape and depressed. The former fitness fanatic and hyper competitive athlete was now drinking, smoking and sleeping his days away. But late one night, Galloway took a long look in the mirror and realized there was more to him than the injuries. And he set a goal to get back in shape, be healthier and inspire others.

I’ve been a faithful follower for quite some time now, and was so pleased when he graced the cover of Men’s Health, last fall.


An inspiration to others he certainly is!

I am in utter awe of his determination, perseverance, fortitude, and sheer will to go beyond perceived limits. He’s doing things I personally would not have deemed imaginable for someone dealing with these obstacles. His words of wisdom, encouragement, and humor ( he is a funny guy) really do put life in perspective.

He has overcome so much over the years, yet shows everyone, that with determination many things are possible.

He truly is an inspiration. And when I tuned in on Monday night, I tweeted and tweeted again about how much I admired him and was looking forward to his performance. And let me just say, I was awestruck yet again, by his phenomenal cha-cha performed with his dance partner, Sharna Burgess

Here, take a look at Noah and his dance partner, Sharna Burgess

He/they were without a doubt FIERCE on that dance floor. I could not contain my tears. Happy tears no less, because of the sheer happiness that was radiating across my television screen. There was such a connection between the two of them, you can tell that they were working so well with one another. Something that, would be hard to convey without obstacles in the way.


I don’t know how many times I’ve danced with a partner, and if you don’t have that chemistry, it shows that it’s not there. They moved almost effortlessly across the dance floor, and I say that with the utmost of appreciation and admiration for what they had to do, to get themselves so in sync with one another.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 10.09.00 AM_0

I am looking forward to their journey through out the season. I wish them both luck and a wonderful time while they have this experience.

I say… #TeamShway ALL THE WAY to the Mirror Ball Trophy.

Tune in on Monday’s to ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, and vote. Even if you don’t like Noah & Sharna, which I can’t see why you wouldn’t…vote for your favorite dance duo.

†~Excerpts taken from the official Bio at ~ NoahGalloway.com

*photos credit ABC #DWTS and Mens Health Magazine.


9 thoughts on “#TeamShway All the way. Noah Galloway, on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars.

  1. “I’m not a huge fan of reality television.”  But you keep watching it!  And those shows never portray how people really live!!  Not even MythBusters, which is technically a reality show, but…!!!

    No wonder you have to get out and walk the trail. ………(!!!!)


    • I really don’t, the bachelorette thing, my Mom was watching and couldn’t help but hear. When I say I’m not a huge fan, I mean I’m not addicted. But when someone like Noah Galloway is on DWTS I will be sure to watch every chance I get. I am a fan of his and would love to see how he progresses and handles the challenges that are ahead of him. I used to love MythBusters, when they first started and as for the trails yeah they are a mental cleanse for me from daily life in general. I’m off to take a walk now, before more snow hits tomorrow. I thought it was spring?


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