Why hide behind a filter?

Living life behind a filter seems so draining, daunting, perhaps.

What of life is truthful then, if you must constantly hide behind a mask?

I often find myself thinking…What is the point? If you can not be truthful in your appearance, then what else are you hiding? I’m fine with adjustments, enhancements even, but why distort yourself beyond recognition for all the world to see…for when you finally reveal yourself, who is it that we really get?

Apps for this, apps for that, but what about honesty?

Sure I’d love to erase the eye puffiness, crows feet, laugh lines, even thinify my face… BUT when the reality is seen in all its natural beauty, I’d rather shock you with my poor attempt at humor, rather than confusion or decite.

My naturalness shows signs.

Signs of laughter, tears, good food, great times. It shows signs…


Living Life
Trying new things
Taking chances
Making mistakes
Going outside comfort zones

Be proud of a life lived. Stop filtering your life into a well oiled airbrushed state. Eventually all is revealed and its a much sweeter existence when you can be all of yourself.


20 thoughts on “Why hide behind a filter?

  1. Wow, this is super true.. So many people are so worried about being all of the things they think they have to be, and they end up giving off an image so distorted it’s impossible to see who they really are. Great post 🙂

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    • Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. I feel it’s a huge disservice to oneself to try to live up to that airbrushed, filtered, airy looking image. When we try to be all those things, we lose our true selves and in my opinion lose out on living a fulfilling, happy life.

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    • That’s the only filter acceptable 🙂 but seriously I agree, I see so many people, ok I’ll be honest – women, who feel the only way to present themselves is in a filtered photo. Yes some can argue that make up or hair dye is the same, but it’s not. You will still see those things in real life, the overly filtered persona only exists in a still image of a perfect angle, good lighting, and a filter.


  2. It’s so true that we have become a society obsessed with hiding our physical flaws and making ourselves look different than what we are. It’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not when it’s so easy to fake it.


    • This whole social media persona, that many feel the need to embellish, gives an air of perfection only attained by dissolving who we truly are. I don’t like the word “flaws” but I understand your point. Flaws, to me, insinuates not good enough. Which I feel is what most women are thinking when they do this. I wish more women wouldn’t feel the need to only (more often than not) post filtered pics, and then insist that they aren’t. Own who you are, and if you “need” to filter yourself for a boost in confidence, work on that aspect of life, not how well you can work an app. There are far many other things for which you can be complimented on, other than a well staged, altered photo. Beauty, either altered, or real, fades. It’s the rest of ourselves that truly matter in the end. 🙂

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      • That is all so true. I think you’re right in that we view things as “flaws” because they are insecurities we have, or someone made negative comments about those features. I think a lot of people who use tons of filters maybe feel insecure with what they look like. But like you said, physical beauty fades over time, and there are so many other things that matter more than what we look like. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Adam!
      I’ve had my share of “letting myself go”, sometimes not even realizing it. But please Don’t say that about yourself!! Ugly, Real ugliness, to me, only exists within the inner self! A person is ugly by their demeanor, actions, intentions, etc. Sure “attractiveness” is subjective, we don’t all see each other the same way, and that’s fine. I know I’m far from everyone’s cup of tea, and well, not everyone is mine. And, not everyone thinks the way I do. I’ve been hesitant with photos of myself, as I said, there are things I’d like to airbrush out. But those things, make me who I am. If I filtered myself, when and if you met me, you’d wonder where that “other” person was. I just wish more women, didn’t feel the need to have to be airbrushed to gain acceptance.
      I say women, because I hardly ever see a man with a filtered photo online. An obscure one, yea, but not filtered with ethereal lighting 🙂

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      • I say that about myself ’cause it’s fact. Some proof: a pic I’d just posted on G+. (No Snoopy or electronic mice.)

        Airbrushing, enhancement is for popularity. But not all popularity is good. Real care defines beauty.

        Thank you for the well-thought-out reply.


      • It was an honest reply, because that’s how I see things. And as for your photo( which I just saw) I respectfully disagree. And you remind me of the guy who works at my local coffee shop. I will however agree with the rest of your comments!!


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