You’re the Muse. And then. You’re not. 

You’re the muse.
And then.
You’re not.

How quickly things can change.

And by far significantly


Isn’t that the way it always seems to go? The newest, hottest, fresh off the presses, aimed to appeal, teasing, and tantalizing  to the eyes. Can’t wait to get your hands on it. Feast your eyes on the newest prize.

See how long you can hold their attention

Not to much

Not to forward

Not to blunt

Not to sexy

Not to shy

Not to timid

Not to coy

But just so right

Finding that balance of just enough but not ever crossing that invisible line.  But how do you know where the line is. Since it’s drawn in the sand. Forever the tides sweep in and out changing the dynamic. Teetering on a high wire tightrope. Don’t fall! There’s nothing to soften your blow.

Where do you stand.




You find your footing. Faltering just slightly. Feeling your way through the darkness. Making your way to the light. It’s dim and dismal, seems so far.

You you shake yourself up, dust yourself off. Keep moving forward. Going with the momentum. It’s not the end. Just another tide moving in. Till you catch the right wave. Riding the swell into the light.

25 thoughts on “You’re the Muse. And then. You’re not. 

  1. This was so refreshing to read…I love the way you wrote it as a poem and nailed down what a muse is like. Wonderful job.

    I also wanted to welcome you to the A to Z Blog Challenge as I am helping to moderate it. I look forward to reading your blogs!

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