I am…

I am not defined by stereotypes

I am not my age.  

I am not a job.

I am not my circumstances.

I am not the way I walk.

I am not the way I talk.

I am not the color of my hair.

I am not my marital status

I am not someones child

I am not someones mother

I am Me.

Yet within the same time and space that occupies this life, I am all of those, and yet so much more.

I embrace all of these. Molding us, but not defining who we are. We are all of those things and so much more. Not one, excluding the others, but all of them entwined.

The stereotypes imposed in this life, should not define you, or me, or them. Just be. Be who you are.

I am unique, uninhibited, undeniably, unabashedly, individual, amazingly alive, and wild in my skin I am Me!IMG_3805

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