A Little Winter Wanderlust At The Beach

We had a heat wave out here on Long Island today, it reached at least 37F earlier, and it’s hovering around 28F now. I took it as a sign to get out of the house for more than just the normal daily stuff. I attempted to head to the nature trail that I love to walk on. But upon arriving at the closed and locked gate, I made the decision to take a ride down to the little beach. The little beach, is on the bay side of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s very rocky and sandy, a place parents usually take little kids to go swimming, there is a roped off section with a lifeguard on duty, sometimes. As a kid, we would all affectionately call it “the stinky beach” it always smelled of seaweed, shellfish, and the wafting smell of the town dump not too far in the distance I imagine added to the smell. But it always featured wonderful views of Fire Island, and the sunset was always a sight for weary eyes. So I headed off down the road to catch a glimpse of the sunset. What a site it was. IMG_3654Arrived at the little beach, and I stayed in the car, it was quite windy even if it was a balmy 37F. I sipped my chai tea latte, with soy milk this time, and took some pretty decent pictures on my iPhone 4. Yes a, 4. lol don’t laugh too much, I know it’s over time for an upgrade. My battery & camera, as well as some text messages would all agree. Panning ever so slightly to the south, and the view would change very IMG_3658nicely. I kept trying to get the perfect shot of the sun in the horizon with the reflection off the bay, but it just wasn’t working out the way I wanted it to. Then that same couple walking on the ice, continued to walk right in front of my car, getting in the way of the sunset. But it did make for a pretty interesting photo-op. I stayed down at the little beach for a little while longer just taking in the quiet reflection time. I decided not long after, that a trip over the bridge to Fire Island would be in order. I haven’t been for quite a while, I don’t even remember how often I made it to the beach this summer. But with this winter weather weariness still wearing on my bones, I figured what the heck let’s go see what the ocean looks like. It was a very good idea to mosey on over the bridge, even if some other photo seekers were stopped mid span to take in the amazing view.  I’m very lucky to live where I live, I have the ocean, bay, nature preserves, hiking/walking trails that I can frequent (when they are open to the public) and I’m close enough to the city if I want to hop on a train or take a car ride out there.

And when you  have these little guys in your backyard it’s an added bonus…for me anyway.

I’m really glad I decided to get out today, and just explore a little bit, no snowmen to be made, or sled rides to be had, but some good old-fashioned fresh air in the lungs, while taking in nature’s natural beauty was surely what my mind, body, and soul needed today. Even if I ended up with a really bad headache and it’s taking me far to long to post this post. It was well worth it though. To end my evening, before heading home to make some dinner. I walked out onto the fairly new pier they erected last summer, or maybe the summer before. I was able to get this view of the sunset over the bridge. It really was beautiful. IMG_3759And the added bonus for the evening, as I was leaving the parking lot, was this little fella. The photo is a bit hazier than I would like, but I was worried about the people behind me beeping their horns for me to move. This little guy was a bit more important. In both taking his photo, and making sure I didn’t run his cute fluffy tail over. People are aware that this beach parking lot is loaded with deer, fox and all kinds of animals year round. They should cool their jets and relax a little bit. So I took a few extra minutes and got this parting shot. Found Foxy Red...


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