Weekend Coffee Share…The Late, Late, Extremely Late Edition!

IMG_3586If we were having coffee, I’d say I’m so sorry I’m late. The theme for me lately is tardiness. Well it’s always been a theme, my internal clock runs at least 5 min late daily. Unless I have to catch a train, then I’m consistently early. Goodness knows, out here, if you miss a train and you’re not at a busy station, your wait can be over an hour at least, for the next train. Not fun.

Please pull up a chair, a corner of the couch, some warm fuzzy blanket and join me in a cuppa whatever your heart desires. I’m having hot tea.

Today was a lazy day for me, I was up till the wee hours of the morning, with a wandering mind and didn’t wake till almost noon. I don’t really enjoy sleeping that late. But sometimes my mind does that to me, and I find myself in that contemplative state. It’s just lovely, when it hits, is when I want to sleep.

So I lamented all day today. Do I write? What should I write about? I feel like I’ve hit a little block. I can write more Random Musing’s stuff, but what about… the Wanderlust?

I did concentrate on my post for #1000speak Voices for Compassion. What a wonderful idea this venture is/was. I’ve tried reading as many posts as I could in between writing my own post. Which I felt for a while there, what could I possibly bring to the table of discussion on how to be compassionate?. Then, as I explain in my post, it hit me. It has to start within, and then it can take flight. It was nice to read the comments from some of my readers, because I still struggle with how my voice translates to my blog. If you haven’t done so already, I urge you to at least look at yesterday’s post, you can scroll all the way to the bottom and there is a link to the large collection of blogger posts from around the world.

So In between shoveling the melting snow from last nights storm. Which was horrible to drive in, but well worth it. I went out to dinner last night, Sushi at a semi local restaurant. I’ve been there before, for their Hibachi, but last night was sushi. It was fantastic! We did the Sushi for 2, it had more than enough sushi, 2 rolls and already I forgot if it was sashimi or sushi (we had the raw fish over the dollop of rice, which both of us agreed a little more rice for the size of the fish would have been nice) but either way it was really good food, and company!

What made it better? I can’t have soy sauce (it contains gluten) so I asked one of the servers if they had ginger sauce, IMG_3631she squished her nose up at me and said “For the sushi? No, no ginger sauce for sushi, that’s not right” So I tell her that I can’t use the soy sauce, and she interrupts me mid sentence to say…”Oh do you want the GLUTEN FREE one?” Be still my beating heart ❤ “Did you say Gluten Free?” I ask. Well this evening is taking on a whole other level of happiness. lol. She was back in seconds, with a bottle of gluten-free soy sauce. I did not know there was such a thing. Although it was a little extra salty for me, it still was good.

I was so happy. It definitely added to an already fun and interesting night. Besides the fact that driving conditions took me 45 minutes to drive a 15 min drive. Both coming and going. Arriving at least 15 min late, but a fun evening none the less. 🙂

So with my lamenting on what to write about, I guess as I finally sat my bum down on the computer chair, opened up the post screen, I actually did have something to write about.

Sometimes, for me, I just need to start and take it from there. Ok not everyone wants to know about my sushi adventure last night, but you’re having coffee with me, so listen up, buttercup 🙂

As for the Wanderlust part of my blog, I do feel it’s kinda lacking in that department. Sure I will touch it a little bit, but not as much as I’d like to. Or at least, my intention was to talk more about it when I first created this little baby of mine.

I do hope that once I figure out where I’m going for my 40th Birthday, I will have some wanderlust to discuss. I decided sometime last year, that since as far back as I can remember, my birthdays have been lackluster and more of a clusterflux of experiences over the years. I think it’s time to do something alone. Not because I don’t want to be around people, I’m far from anti social, but there is ALWAYS a problem. Yes I capitalized that for a reason. There really was never a birthday I can remember where there wasn’t some sort of drama, be it extended family or friend. But I’ll save that for another post this week when we catch up. I will turn 40 next Sunday, and I’m looking forward to it, so hopefully by then I will have some more interesting things to discuss for Weekend Coffee Share. Until then, be well, stay warm, and see you soon.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share…The Late, Late, Extremely Late Edition!

    • After some research, and probing the minds of my more informed gluten free friends in high places, there are soy sauces like Tamari, that are gluten free and made with rice instead of wheat. The sneaky places that gluten hangs out is really frustrating… and dangerous to some people. Also the cross contamination you pointed out is a huge factor to people suffering with Celiac Disease, the slightest amount of gluten that is gets into food can cause serious issues. Thanks for the link, Adam 🙂

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