Thank you to my 100th Blog follower

I’ve been not so patiently awaiting the arrival of my 100th Blog Follower over the last few days. I’m not really sure why, but when I saw it was hovering around 97 I got a little spark of inspiration. I felt the same way when I got my first follower, and first comment as well. It’s all exciting and new. Technically speaking sometime around 10 pm on Valentines Day I received my 100th follower.

So you’re probably asking yourself…Why is she still waiting then?

Well, one of my followers is a close personal friend of mine, outside of the blogging world. Every other person, all 99 of you, are strangers, yet becoming friends of the written word.

My words.

I know it seems maybe naive to say, but it is really surreal to see the number climb. Granted, it’s nowhere near as many followers as some other blogs have, and that’s ok. I’m slowly building my voice, and with each post more people will hopefully get the chance to read it and maybe even enjoy what they read.

But I wanted to take a moment to thank you all so very much. Each and every one of you, from 1-101 (+) I appreciate all the likes, comments, shares, tweets, retweets, reblogs, and constructive criticism.

It is all welcomed and humbling.


I’m guessing WordPress is waiting on the 101st follower as well. I recently discovered the “Awards” section of my blog, didn’t even know this existed. But no badge yet, so we will see. And even though I’m scribing this post with the 100th follower I wont post it until I reach that 101st!!

And then this happened! At almost 3:30 am I got that notice!


How cool is that? During last nights storm my phone was going off with random notifications, and this was one of them. Waking this morning and seeing the WP notice with the +100 follow tally was pretty sweet too.

Who knows, maybe I’m naive, but it’s all still very surreal to me. People I don’t know, want to read what I have to say.

My Random Musings and Wanderlust!

I honestly can’t thank you all enough ❤

Thank you!


41 thoughts on “Thank you to my 100th Blog follower

  1. Congratulations to you.
    It’s totally understandable. I know exactly how you feel. I still can’t believe I have this place to share what’s important to me with others and that anyone reads.
    I just celebrated one year of blogging and I am nearly at 200 followers. I don’t know why that number should matter so much, but it is a concrete and visual marker of being heard by someone.
    All the best for you and your blog going forward.

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    • Thank you very much, Kerry very kind of you. It’s one thing to have friends/aquaintances read my stuff, some I feel just do it to be nice. But when a stranger reads it, comments etc, it’s much different. Congratulations to you as well. All the best going forward, I really enjoy your posts. 🙂

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  3. Well, congrats on having so many readers…though the follower count on the top-right of the page says 312. It jumped quite a bit with the OM reblog, from under 300. Here’s to having some of the same readers… 🙂

    And I think your voice is fine as it is. (Maybe I’m being too nice.)


    • Thank you! 🙂
      I get a bit confused with the “reader/follower” counts. I think the followers (313 now on the top-right), include my twitter & facebook page with the actual 121 WP followers (I think OM’s reblog helped a lot with the extra 20 followers), again I don’t know how WP calculates it.
      Thank you very much, and don’t be too nice!! 🙂

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