The story of Valentines Day!

I remember sometime back when I was a kid, maybe fourth grade or so, we had a class project to write the story of Valentines Day and how it came about.

My imagination would run wild back then. I wish it was as clever these days, to think the thinks it used to think 🙂 but alas it’s now the mind of an older woman, who reminisces of the yesterdays. Ok now I sound really old, that’s not me, but still the stories I would think of then were from the mind of a child, untarnished by reality.

My story of Valentines day went something like this.

In a land far away, there were two question marks, separated by an evil queen. Left alone, on opposite sides of the land, and in constant search for their other half. The Evil Queen made sure they never were to find each other. She did all she could to stop them.

They roamed aimlessly, and with such sadness, never having felt love in their lives. Knowing deep down inside, something was missing, not quite right, and nothing could heal the hurt within them. They would see others so happy, and full of life, yet they knew they were different.

Random times they would cross paths, but never at the same time. A week apart, a month perhaps, always on the right path but never the right time.

Until one day, the sky seemed to clear and the birds were singing their song much more vibrantly. Each of them noticed this, because everything around them was always so quiet and dark. They started to wander off their normal path, in search of the source of the melodies.

That is when the lovebirds appeared, perched atop a tree branch.

Rosy-faced-Lovebird Never had they ever noticed the colors of the sky, the sun, the leaves. Everything was clear, and beautiful. Within that moment, their eyes met and they soon realized, it wasn’t the love birds that made them feel alive and happy, it was seeing each other for the first time.

They finally defeated the Evil Queen and found one another. The question marks embraced and that was when two became one, and love overtook the Evil Queens kingdom.


A side note. I searched the internet for a mirrored question mark (?) the only thing I could find was a special character (¿) obviously the two placed together would not a ❤ make. But an internet search found that lovely little picture of two mirrored question marks, making the shape of a heart.


8 thoughts on “The story of Valentines Day!

  1. It is cute. Not sure if the dating tag is appropriate here…

    You were still able to put this together, despite the ‘reality’; maybe the imagination isn’t lost on you.  I think I came across that same question mark/heart image before.  How fitting…that Valentines Day is tomorrow! Ugh.

    Btw, you can horizontally-reverse a question mark with CSS (but it won’t work on all browsers).


    <div style=”-webkit-transform:rotateY(180deg);transform:rotateY(180deg);display:inline-block”>?</div>?

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    • Thank you for pointing that out, all fixed now, even took out the humor one. Maybe because I use them so often or just an overlook.
      I had an marble composition book as a kid, but it’s lost somewhere in my house, I remember stories I would write in it. This was one of them. This and the 11 or 12 left shoes looking for their mate. Something like a symbolism/foreshadowing I guess at a young age.
      It was fun finding the image, but to find one that was proper size as well was a drag. But glad I found it, and yes quite fitting that tomorrow is Valentines Day.

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  2. That is such a cute story. I wish I had stories like that from when I was a kid. I did find a journal from about 5th grade that said I wanted to be an artist when I grow up. I do blog for a living and that’s *kind of* an art, right? haha

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