An open letter to my future, Boyfriend, Husband, Soulmate, Unicorn.

An open letter to my future, Boyfriend, Husband, Soulmate, Unicorn.


I know you exist somewhere, perhaps on another universe for all I know. But this, this is my attempt to send the smoke signal needed to reach your closely guarded, military style, hidden heart

Like I said, I know you exist…somewhere. So I’m sending this off into the universe to see what happens.

So a little about me.

I’m quirky, have my own sense of humor, that for the most part loses its impact. That in itself is so much funnier than the intended punchline in many cases. Ok this is just my honest opinion. Maybe my humor isn’t top-notch standup material, but I still think you’ll laugh your ass off either at me or with me. You will learn, if you ever show up, that I’m silly and laugh at myself…quite often in fact, almost on a daily basis.

I’m not always coordinated, I can trip on thin air, or invisible objects. Again this makes for the humor factor.

I’m caring, loving, and affectionate. When I love, I love fiercely. Not the smothering kind mind you, but true intense love, with every fiber of my being. I’ll be your biggest supporter, and encourage you when you’re feeling low, but on the flip side I will call you out on your bull$hit. Hey, I’m also brutally honest, and I expect the same in return.

If I ask if my jeans make my ass look fat,
tell me they do if they do,
but please, oh please don’t be cruel.

I have a vivid imagination, that doesn’t often get tapped into, it really should. You should help me! That banter back and forth between two people who are in sync with each other, that makes for the best kinds of conversations.

I’m a fantastic cook, and although I eat gluten-free, it does not mean it’s not full of amazing flavors. You can eat healthy, flavorful food that is still as delicious as the fatty greasy kind. Don’t get me wrong, give me bacon and I’m all over that like a fat kid loves cake. Yep. 😉 I also cook gluten filled foods as well, but they just wont touch my lips. I make Sunday Sauce, yes it’s Sauce, not gravy. Gravy is that brown stuff for meatloaf.

I’m a lover of nature and the great outdoors. Give me a great pair of sneakers, or hiking boots, and this girl is a happy camper. Why did she just say camper? Yes she did. I enjoy camping but haven’t done it in a long, long time. Let’s go pitch a tent in the woods, and sleep under the stars.

I also love dancing, dining, and drinking fine wine. Reds especially. And cheese, oh cheese… is the nectar of the gods, and dare I say…the stinkier the cheese the better. Don’t worry if you don’t agree, I wont kiss you right after.

I love lazy Sundays, or any lazy days of the week, snuggled up on the couch with someone special (that could be you) a blanket and a good show.

I’m a simple gal, jewels aren’t the key to my heart. I won’t turn them down, but I’d prefer a written note, a genuine gesture. Perhaps give me a gift, on a random Tuesday, in September.

I’m sure you’ve heard this countless times, in many forms, and ways.

I’m not like other women.

I don’t fit a cookie cutter mold, I am uniquely me, and that’s pretty damn awesome!

But the only way for you to see,
is if you’re on the search for me.
I’ve sent the flair
into the air,
for all the world to see.
If you gaze amongst the stars tonight
keep your eyes open
you just might find me.



7 thoughts on “An open letter to my future, Boyfriend, Husband, Soulmate, Unicorn.

  1. “I’m not like other women.”
    That‘s what they all say.

    But you will find that special someone. Just be your best self and let the chips fall. Gluten-free chips.

    And, hey, I’d give up gluten 4 u. I would. Cheeeeeeeese… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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