A case of Nature Fever

My Winter Wanderlust is creeping in. We are still in the depths of winter here, more snow in the forecast, and I’m getting a case of cabin fever.

No that’s not right.

I can leave the house even after all the snow that’s hit us over the last few weeks. My walk way is clear and the roads are fine. It’s the lovely shade of grime, on the otherwise serene landscape, which is giving me a case of Nature Fever.

Nature Fever, yeah that’s it.

Nature Fever you ask..


Why yes, Nature Fever.

I long for the days, where the air was crisp, cool, and danced on my cheeks. The days, where I could essentially get lost for hours just roaming the landscape, and viewing it with a fresh set of eyes each time. The days where the rustling sound beneath my feet indicated I was a step closer to finding some hidden treasure, like this little gnome village nestled within the tree base.


That’s Nature Fever, to me.

I find myself, these lazy cold winter days, thinking of that little village. What it will look like after the thaw. Will the characters still be there? Will there be new ones joining in the fun? I don’t know who had the creativity to do this, but I give them credit.

When I first happened upon it, while sweating bullets in the June heat, I thought I was hallucinating. What the heck is this? A little gnome/fairy village carved into the tree. I quickly made my way around to the other side, to see if there was an exit. I mean, think about it, wouldn’t you? Ok maybe just me. But I did, and no secondary exit. But ohhhh the cuteness of this little village. Tables, chairs, an outside bbq area, fencing, light poles,a bear, a pirate, and the gnome. I dreamt of it for days afterwards. Oh the stories I could tell about this little home. I can’t wait to get back there.


I started my walking, hiking, whatever you’d like to call it journey this past April. I stopped at my local coffee shop, I love that place, and I talk of them often in my posts. Maybe one day I’ll dedicate a post to them. The coffee is phenomenal, organic, and roasted on site. To me it smells of toast, permeating the air outside, drawing you in and tantalizing your olfactories. Truly an experience, and once you’ve been, it ruins you for other coffee shops thereafter.

I miss those days. Days being able to explore the landscape, take some photographs, and just enjoy the moment.

Days walking around a bend, or field of beautiful daffodils, and to my amazement coming upon an enchanted forest entrance.


So that my dear readers, friends, is Nature Fever.

One I hope I can quench with the coming days of Spring, when the daffodils bloom, and the smell in the air turns a sweet enticing scent of floral. I might be sneezing my way through those fields, but I don’t care.

Give me Spring, or give me death. Cause this winter is killing me.


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