Seductively Sexy Seth! Adventures in mini speed-dating.


I hinted a few days ago in my Adventures in dating. Speed-Dating, that is! post, that I’d have a little more adventure to talk about.

Well this one isn’t an actual Speed-Dating event. It wasn’t structured like the other one. It was more of an open house type, involving people of all ages, so you had an age range of 20-maybe 60 year old’s all gathered at a bar for a mingle.

It wasn’t the best of situations for finding a mate, but an evening out to meet new people. Although the drive was 45 minutes away, it would be another thing outside of my comfort or uncomfortable zone. I was even able to talk one of my girlfriends in joining me. For the both of us, it was more of a night out, grab a drink and mingle with new people. If, and that was a HUGE IF, there was a chance we met anyone, it would be a bonus.

But an evening out was on our minds.

I was game, and really what would be the worst that could happen?…

Arrived at the town of destination, making good time actually, but the parking sucked. Little did I know, after countless times driving in circles, the venue had valet parking. Passed it at least 3 times, but thought it was for the catering venue that looked like it was bordering the restaurant/bar. Yep could have used the valet and not walked five blocks.

hello_my_name_is_singleWe walked in and got our name tags.

Wherever do you put them?

I mean if you think about it, your sticking a name tag on your chest, for all the world to see.

So when that guy is staring at your chest, you can’t blame him, you put your tag there.

Next on the agenda after name tags was a drink.

Yes a drink was definitely in order. Already we could see the faces in the crowd. A vast majority, were outside of that age range I’ve talked about.

The age range I’m mentally not interested in.

When I hear that my age puts me into the category of Women 39-54 & Men 42-57 who do you think will show up more at these events? If it’s an event that’s W 31-44 M 35-45 I’m more apt to wanting to go to that one.

When I was younger I always had a thing for older guys. I would date them more than guys my own age, or even younger ones. The oldest I dated was a guy who was 7 years older than me, and once or twice I dated a guy who was 10 years younger than me.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad thing, in either direction.

But the older I’m getting, the older the guys are, and they are not looking for what I’m still open to. Specifically Kids. Most have their own from a previous relationship, and that’s fine with me. I’m open to having some of my own if it happens. Guys that are older, more often than not, I find do not want more kids. Such is the way of life.

So back to our adventure in speed-dating…

As we made our way to find a spot at the bar to grab a drink, I was looking in the crowd and thought that I saw a guy I’ve seen on the dating sites. Actually at one point we even exchanged numbers and messages, but nothing ever came of it. I was sure it was him, but not 100%.

That’s when we were stopped by an older, distinguished gentleman. He must have been in his late 50’s early 60’s He started idle chit-chat, and after a few min we excused ourselves to go get those drinks.

We thought we found a spot on the back-end, and at least we were able to grab their seasonal drink menu, but that’s when

Mysterious Matt* appeared.  He’s mysterious, because I’m not 100% sure he’s the guy I had been chatting with on the site. But also because if he wasn’t him, it was a mystery why when he approached my girlfriend and I, he couldn’t even say hello to me. Ok let me make a point here. He could be completely not interested in me and that’s fine. But, you see two women together at a singles event, you at least say hello to her friend and then move on to a conversation with the one you’re interested in. At least that’s the way it’s always been in my experience, no matter the side I’m on. He made small talk with my friend and basically blocked the flow between the people on the bar stools and us against the wall. He left soon after being moved out the way a few times, and we were back to trying to get our drinks.

That’s when we first meet,

Leisure Suit Lenny*  He wasn’t actually wearing a leisure suit, but close enough. He was yet another older gentleman, about 60 and I think I’m being generous with his age. But he overheard us laughing behind him, not at him, just in his vicinity. He commented on our laughs and that we were trying to get drinks. We spotted an opening on the other side of the bar and went there.

I maneuvered my way into an opening and ordered my vodka & cranberry. My friend, Katie* standing right behind me, asked me a question. As I turned to look at her, I could see Leisure Suit Lenny* hot on her heels. Having an inkling that this wasn’t going to go over well, I swiftly switched spots with her, so she could order her drink and get out-of-the-way.

It really didn’t help. The moment we both had drinks in hand, he immediately started a conversation. That at first seemed to be pleasant. He introduced himself to both of us, but was overly affectionate in trying for a hug and a kiss. Then he went on to tell us a few jokes. Now for the sake of the population, I wont repeat them. But lets just say politically correct he was not. He overstepped a few boundaries, and honestly I don’t even think he was drunk, I think that was just his way. Katie*, I give her credit, she put him in his place like you would a bad dog. Now she didn’t rub his nose in his pee, but she sure made him feel like she did. You should know your audience before making such hasty jokes. Point taken Leisure Suit Lenny* we bid you adieu.

Now after that fiasco, we both needed some air, or at least a trip to the ladies room. We freshened up, talked about how callous both guys were, and realized it wasn’t necessarily a speed dating event. It was an open forum night, and anything was possible.

When we walked out of the bathroom, we kept our eyes out for these men, trying to avoid them at all costs. It worked for the rest of the night thankfully.

And that was when the host of the evening, spotted us standing against the wall. He came over and asked if we’ve met anyone yet and we just looked at each other and then him and laughed. He said “I’ll take care of that right now, follow me” We had no idea what was about to happen, but I tell you, it wasn’t what I expected.

He ushered us into a smaller room with another woman, and three guys. In there he set up an impromptu mini speed date session. We had 3 min with each of the guys, a rapid fire question session was on. The only think was, no idea if you matched with the person, unless one of you had the nerve to ask the other for their number.

It was on.

One by one they rotated. Us ladies stood against the wall and the guys moved around.

I admit I was a little intrigued by the guys he matched us up with. But ohhhhh there was one. One really interesting guy. And let me tell you.

Nothing like I expected.

Seductively Sexy Seth  Oh yes, his name fits him well! Katie* and I both agreed, which was shocking for two reasons. 1~ we don’t find the same men attractive, we have a different taste. 2~ he was 14 years older than me!!  

Seductively Sexy Seth was 53. Holy CRAP!

Never have I ever said that about a guy older than 45. Well unless like this situation, I had no idea how old he was. I didn’t want those 3 min to end. He had light brown hair with some greying but it really looked good on him. Deep blue eyes, and a smile you could get lost in. Seriously never would have guessed his age. And actually I didn’t.

He had said in those short minutes “You must be the same age as your friend, Katie*!”  

I told him, “No, actually I’m older than she is, I’m 39” his one eyebrow arched and his lip curled into a wide smile.

I blurted out, talking over him. “You’re what 43”?

“You’re seriously not 39!” he said and then he added. “What, me? 43? No but thank you very much, I’m 53”

I almost choked. “No… You’ve got to be lying.”

He jokingly laughed, and with a smirk on his face said…”Show me yours and I’ll show you mine. I guess we’ve both got great genes” 

Unfortunately he lives in Queens, for me that distance isn’t an issue, but it may have been for him. We actually talked about certain restaurants and stores on Austin Blvd, and he was pleasantly surprised I knew so much of the area. I told him I have a friend that lives right off the Blvd and that’s why I know it well.

I’m telling you those 3 min, although they seemed long while chatting with the other guys during that mini speed date, with Seductively Sexy Seth, it wasn’t nearly long enough. One of those moments where I feel maybe (no, I know) I should have made the first move. I mean what’s the worst that could happen. I give him my number and he never calls. Happens all the time to guys when they give their numbers I’m sure of it.

Who knows, maybe he thought a 39 year old woman wouldn’t be interested in a guy his age. It is possible.

But the shocker for me was how sexy he was, or I should say, how sexy and attractive I found him to be. Both Katie* and I felt the same way. After that session was over, we hung around for a while longer, talking to some other people, but we weren’t feeling the vibe. We decided to head home, grab some dinner and just enjoy the rest of the night.

It was an adventure.

We had fun, we got out of our comfort zone, and we were in awe of the fact of how we both thought the same things about Seductively Sexy Seth!

Yes I keep saying his name over and over again. Obviously most names have been changed in this post, but that’s only because if perchance Leisure Suit Lenny* or Mysterious Matt* happen upon this post through the eyes of the Speed dating site or anywhere else, I think it’s better.

But when it comes to Seductively Sexy Seth, I admit I wouldn’t mind if he did see this haha. Hey a girl can dream can’t she? And well I also admit, it’s opened my mind a little more.

I’ve got on my dating site profile, an age limit of 45, but I do have a disclaimer that says….If you’re outside of this age range, and you’re interested, send a message. I just may reply back. Yes, age is just a number. It honestly is all about how you act, take care of yourself, see yourself, and what you do with yourself. I know both men and women who are my age or younger, and yet they are older in so many ways. Live your life, get out there and experience things. Don’t be a couch potato.

I think, from this event, and some of the other things that have been happening lately in my life, if I see someone out there that I’m interested in, I’m not going to hesitate. I just might be the one to send the first message. It all depends. I guess if you’re not in it, you can’t complain about it.

Those are my Random Musings and Wanderlust for today 🙂

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