Sunday Musings…

Superbowl Sunday, and what did I do? I went to the local farmers market, picked up a few goodies, and took some pretty cool pictures of the North Shore of Long Island. I live on the South Shore, and I admit, I am partial to my ocean beaches vs the Long Island Sound. But that’s just me. Granted they both have their charm.


A peacefully quiet view from Main St. It’s usually very busy, and although the street was empty, the parking was limited.


After grabbing a chai tea latte from my favorite coffee shop, who just so happened to be at the market, I took a stroll. There’s a cute puppy out in the distance, and he was playing fetch with a loud squeaky toy. Every time he caught it a whistle would go off. If it wasn’t so cold, I was tempted to sit on the bench a while, but the weather was getting to me, so I headed back to my car.


As I was walking away, the pup decided to come and play. His name was Charlie. He was so cute and very playful. Usually I’m a little hesitant with dogs, but this one was friendly and just kept sniffing around my feet. He might have smelled the frozen gluten free cookie dough I bought, the owner was very nice and gave me two already baked. I’m guessing that’s what caught Charlies attention.


He headed off on an adventure, and I noticed the ice forming on the railings. My camera on my phone is shot so my photo’s don’t do it justice.

I enjoyed my time at the market, and the stroll, but was looking forward to getting home and doing some writing. I had some thoughts swirling around in my mind, but needless to say, they never made it onto the blog. I had the computer turned on and wordpress opened but those thoughts were stuck. Guess with so much on my mind lately things got a bit mixed up.

No wonder why, the weather has been frightful, and more snow/rain/hail/ice etc etc is predicted to head our way during the overnight hours after Superbowl ends. I don’t even pay attention to the snowfall totals, their predictions aren’t very accurate.

I stepped outside a little while ago and the snow is slowly falling, covering the walkway and street already. I tried taking a photo, but like I said the camera on my phone is on its last leg. Plus, I didn’t want to turn the flash on, although I did for this one.


Kinda spotty, but the neighbors driveway has a nice coating and so does the street. Can’t wait to see what the morning has in store for us. I really do love the way the snow looks, from the comfort of my home, behind the window, with my squishy socks on.

I’m not looking forward to shoveling it again.

As I’m sitting here typing away, well I’ve been distracted, there was a game on television. Although I didn’t pay much attention to it. Didn’t even realize who won till I popped on Facebook to see all the hubbub. Yeah not to thrilled with this turn out, but since I didn’t see any of the plays, or calls, I’m not weighing in on it.

I wasn’t even interested in the commercials.

Say what? You LOVE commercials, Paula!!

I know, I know. For some reason, I didn’t care to much. I might google them later on, cause I do hear there’s some hubbub about a few spots, besides the Nascar one, I WASN’T a fan of. Their dig at the Gluten Free community, although they thought was in jest, still poked fun at a disease. I’m all for making light of things, but not a disease. There is no FUN in that.

I started this post before midnight and I realize time has slipped me by, so it’s technically not Superbowl Sunday any longer. It’s Groundhog Day.

I’m calling it a night. I hope you all enjoyed your Sunday as I did mine. It was relaxing, and enjoyable, even if I didn’t do all I set out to do.

*Yes this is titled Sunday Musings, and it’s posting on Monday. Get over it 😉 

Those are my Random Musings and Wanderlust for today 🙂 and tomorrow 😉


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