Sweet and sinful

Seeking a temporary escape
I retreat to the window view

It’s pleasant and calming
Almost mesmerizing
My gaze transfixed
On the

Swirling flakes

Dancing among the atmosphere
In a beautifully choreographed routine

Their numbers increase
As each one before
Falls gracefully to the floor
Bowing out of the competition

I break my gaze
Take a long slow
Sip of my latte
Mocha and hazelnut
Mix on my tongue

Only to return
To the dance of the

Their graceful ways
And unique beauty
Entrance onlookers

Oh but within that beauty
A hidden devious side

Coy and cunning
Sweet and sinful

Just as with anything
That possesses beauty
A hidden side
Waiting to come out

Waiting patiently
For perfect conditions
To bring forth
What’s inside



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