The end of the world…or just a bunch of malarkey?

Well if the meteorologists have any truth to their stories, I do believe the end of the world will soon upon us. Why? Well they’re forecasting the current blizzard to be a doozie. If it turns out to be anything like the last blizzard we had out here on Long Island (Nemo, Feb. 2013) I’m surely not looking forward to a repeat.

2013 Blizzard, Nemo. My poor Azalea *trees*

2013 Blizzard, Nemo. My poor Azalea *trees*

I live on the south shore of Eastern Suffolk County, out on Long Island, NY. It’s a beauty out here during the year, except for the Winters, and hurricane season. Those can be treacherous.

Now with the threat of a Blizzard, mixed with hurricane force winds, calling for coastal flooding, in an area hard hit by Superstorm Sandy in 2012. I’m not sure how much more this area can take. A lot of the surrounding area is still recovering from Sandy. People still displaced from their homes, or even trying to just simply fix what they have to get by. Another storm like their predicting. With amounts totaling, I believe the latest reports are saying 3O inches, who knows what will happen.

We’ve seen the crazy lines at the food stores, the gas stations etc. Today was no different. The mantra that when a storm is approaching to run out to the store fill up the gas tank, get the bread, milk and necessities rang true today.

I really needed gas in my car, I had less than a 1/4 of a tank and my Betsy (yes I named my car Betsy) needed some gas. Plus I also needed the essentials of a cup of coffee from the local organic coffee shop, and yes I needed my Udis gluten-free bagels, and milk. So very late this afternoon I ventured off.

Why did I freaking wait so long?

Hit the gas station first, since it’s the first on my route. I was already forewarned that the lines were very long. But little did I know when I pulled up to the empty pump what would happen….


Yep this happened. .07 cents charged on my debit card for gas. At first the pump wasn’t working. Now at 39 years old, the only time I let someone else pump my gas for me is if I’m in New Jersey. They don’t allow self pumping. I know how to pump gas. Well here I was for a good 5 minutes trying to figure out why the pump wasn’t working. Then a measly .07 cents worth of gas trickled out. And Stopped. What the What? Is there some scammer on the pump? All these thoughts ran through my head. I hit the cancel sale button and that wasn’t responding. The guy at the pump behind me announces…

“Miss, they ran out of regular and plus, only premium is left”
“Thank you” I yell back. “You’d think they’d put a sign up!”

Thankfully it wasn’t a case of trying to skim my card. I had places to go and things to buy so I could stock up for the storm.

Headed on my way in search of coffee, a gas station that had some gas, and then to Target. No way was I paying $2.89 for Premium gas when the regular was down to $2.29.

Got my gas, filled my tank for $25 and I was a happy girl. So was Betsy 🙂

Then this happened.

But luckily for me, my bread isn’t on these aisles, it’s in the frozen case. These are the times I’m glad I have to be gluten-free. The rest of Target seemed to emulate this same scene. From dairy case, to the snack, and cookie aisles. Not much of a shock.

Remember the old saying… If an impending storm is coming, get your milk and bread.


Well that’s what I did. Picked up some more milk, just in case. Got my bagels and cream cheese, some snacks, and more earl grey tea. I’m prepared for the worst storm of the year, and hoping for the best to come.

Hoping the meteorologists are wrong in their forecast. But I have to say, our local guy is pretty spot on 😦  Because, blizzards, and hurricane force winds are not something I want to experience right now. Heck I don’t ever want to experience either again. I will say we’ve been lucky so far this winter when it comes to snow, most of what has fallen so far has quickly melted away. Hoping if we get any, the same outcome happens.

I was woken up this morning by the soothing sound of my neighbors snow blowers. They were all getting tuned up and ready to go. Enough gas to last. I however will rely on the shovel. I haven’t been working out lately so maybe some time out shoveling the white stuff will make up for time lost. Still not looking forward to it.

Those are my Random Musings and Wanderlust for tonight 🙂


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