Whoa, you have a blog?

Conversation I had today went something like this…

“Whoa, you have a blog? Why do you even bother blogging? Are you expecting to be “found”? What do you even blog about? Your lunch, what you did that day, ohhhhhhhhh (said exactly how it looks) you should totally blog about your dating experiences and what happens with online dating. You would have sooooo much to write about, almost a NeverEnding story kinda thing.”

And that’s exactly how it went. Without a breath in between sentences, or a moment to give even a glimmer of a reply. Technically not a conversation, that would require at least two people interacting with one another. This was more of an inquisition of sorts. Good, it’s out of your system. Do you want an answer, or ten? Maybe I can shed some light on your curiosity, but remember…curiosity killed the cat 😉 meeeow!

Yep I have a blog, shocker? Not really. I’ve always liked to write. I consider myself a writer. You know one that starts many a journal, notebook or scrap of paper jotting down thoughts that happen to be swirling around in your meandering mind. For a time I was a Journalist, I loved it. Obviously not a creative outlet, you know back in those days Journalists didn’t express opinion, just cold hard facts without trying to force our point of view on the readers…well at least not in an obnoxious way, sometimes very subtly.

Why do I blog? With blogging, I can be creative, give in to the thoughts that roam around in my mind and foster them if I wish. Whatever they may be. I can ramble on… and holy cow there are people, people I don’t even know who like my posts and follow my site. Yes it’s not a huge amount, but heck ONE person is a lot in my eyes. Why did I not do this sooner? Time and place for everything and maybe THIS is the right time.  Seriously as cool as it is to have friends, acquaintances, and family read my stuff on Facebook, or Twitter, it’s the “strangers” their comments, questions, and just all around interaction that gets me.

Do I expect to be “found”? Well if by “found” they meant someone would search for a tag and my random post happened to be on that particular topic, then yes. Found in the sense of the word that my musings would garner publishing other than my own self promoted attempt? Not really. I’m the type of person that should probably push that harder. No I take that back, I Should, there’s no probably about it.

What do I blog about? Well hello, the name of my site is Random Musings and Wanderlust….so let’s be clear, it’s whatever comes into my glorious mind. A way for me to write what I feel without the overabundance of editing. Yes I try to keep my grammar in check, spelling also. Heck I just learned that there’s a widget thingamagig up there on the tool bar that will help with spelling. Up till now, I haven’t used it. Still wont. So don’t complain if there’s something amiss. I have blogged about my dating experiences, some anyway. I try not to divulge too much information about my dating life to others. Until the time is right. It’s just a personal preference. Honestly there are stories a plenty of interactions on these dating sites, some or I should say, most interactions don’t get as far as a date. Maybe I’m picky, too picky even. But at this stage in my life maybe I need to be a little extra picky. I can tell you about the date where I showed up at the wrong restaurant only to find a guy who didn’t look much like his 10-year-old “current” photo and then to have him wave and taunt me with a hunk of Italian bread in my face and say “ohhhh look you can’t have any” I’m gluten-free cause of intolerance, and I’m intolerant to ignorance ya jackamuffin. I’ve blogged about life, love, and even inspiration in the most unlikely places. This blog truly is a melting pot of my mind.

So, I’m trying something a little different. I’m asking all of you, my readers. Wow that sounds so cool haha. What is it, if anything you’d like to see me write about? I’m open to ideas, not sure if I will tackle them all, but I’ll entertain them just as much as I entertain an online dating site message 😉

Those are my Random Musings and Wanderlust for today 🙂

Join in the Random Musings and Wanderlust ;-)

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