Happy New Year! Now go find your inspiration

This past year I have found solitude, inspiration, clarity, happiness, passion, and above all a total centered self of being in all places…a hike in the woods. I used to be at peace while walking on the beach, I’m a Pisces so water is my element and naturally I always felt at home while there. This year I’ve found a second home and I’m so glad I did. So what better way to wrap up my year than with a walk in the woods.

I had my phone all charged up, grabbed a latte at the local coffee shop, and headed to the trail. It was blustery cold but I was determined. I was hoping to end my year within the folds of nature which has constantly brought me joy, reflection, and comfort when I’ve needed it most. And that I did. I took some pictures, admired the river, the remaining foliage and then the phone died. Just like that, but it was 48% I couldn’t help but laugh. Then it came to me. Admire these moments with your eyes not just to take a photo. Some moments are not meant to be captured, but to be lived and experienced as they happen. Not through a lens. And just like that, after this last photo, I saw it.

The largest Osprey I’ve ever laid eyes on, and it landed inches away from a Canadian geese or would that be goose lol. No photo to prove what I saw but it’s so clear in my minds eye I’ll never forget it. They were so still, observant of their surroundings, and they let me join them in a few quiet moments of solitude. They looked at each other, but never flinched, never attacked, just existed within the same space. It was peaceful but like I said it was cold. So I took a few more moments and turned back.

It was at that moment I saw what I clearly missed while taking that last photo, a Christmas wreath with flowing red bow and pine cones. It was attached to a no fishing sign above the bridge. Again why didn’t I see it? Looking at life through the lens instead of experiencing it.

So I say experience life as it happens. Enjoy the moment at hand and remember it fondly. Not all moments need to have proof to show it happened.

I’m happy I went today for my walk so I could end my year they way I’ve enjoyed it so much. I rang in my New Year celebration around 3:30 pm today and I’m happy I did. I spent time with the person who at the very end of the day I know I can count on and that’s me. It took me a long time to get to this place and I did it within those quiet reflecting moments in the woods. I’m hoping to take that inspiration with me through the years to follow. And I hope everyone can find their inspiration out there, wherever it may be.

Happy Healthy New Year!!

That’s my extra dose of Random Musings And Wanderlust for today 🙂


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Now go find your inspiration

  1. Happy New Year! I shared this post on Twitter and followed you on there. So glad you’ve liked my short stories, and your comment on my blog got my year off to a great start. Thank you! 🙂

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