Embracing the fierceness within!

While I’m out and about I tend to people watch. Not for any particular reason, I just like to observe. I take in their interactions with others, or just see how they behave when they are alone. So while I was out Christmas present shopping yesterday, I stopped off to grab a quick bite to eat, and I spotted this amazingly fierce looking woman sitting at a booth not to far from me. She had to be in her late 60’s maybe early 70’s. Not a hair out of place, make up done very subtle, jewelry, and even her nails. It seemed she payed attention to every detail. All the way down to her White Hot Patent Leather knee high boots, with heels no less. I mean seriously she was rocking these boots, and well I was kinda envious. Let me repeat…white hot patent leather knee high boots with heels!!! Sported by a possible 70ish year old woman!

Just for comparison sake, I’m a woman who hates, no despises shoe shopping. Yes I said it. We do exist. Although I don’t know of any in my particular circle of friends. Shoes to me are just a necessity, if I happen to find a pair I love, I will covet them forever it seems lol. Quickly I messaged my dear friend with the picture I covertly snapped of this woman and said…. Wtf is wrong with me, she has more fashion spunk than I do? I want to be her!!

This was all of course said after I don’t know how many hours, no days, of shopping for clothes and presents. Not only for others in my life, but also for myself from my parents. I was tired, feeling that blah I hate clothes, I’m in between sizes and I’m okay with that… cause I’m comfortable in my body. BUT I want to find jeans that I like and fit and that are short enough for me without having to hem them. Hemmed jeans are just horrible. It doesn’t help that the day before while at the chiropractor’s office, I used the ladies room only to have the zipper on my favorite pair of jeans break on me. You know when you push the zipper too low to the base. Well I guess I yanked it too hard and snap went the teeth. I also messaged my dear friend that day and at least I was able to laugh at myself because seriously, Murphy’s law, yeah it will happen to me. I was tempted to use the old pair of capri’s I had in the trunk of my car, but they were 3 sizes to large, and I hadn’t shaved my legs that day. Oh the horror lol. So off to the mall for the go to jeans that were the perfect length, only to find they don’t make them any longer. See what happened there. Murphy’s law in full effect.

So back to the fierce lady in Panera.

I don’t have a fashion style, except that I tend to go for things that pique my interest and catch my eye. If it’s comfortable that’s a huge plus. I’m comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, just as I am in a sexy little black dress. This woman though, I could imagine her life. Write her story. Just thinking about what she was like when she was younger. Did she have that same fashion sense as she does now? Did she embrace whatever it was that struck her fancy? Did she go to Woodstock? Or was she more conservative back then and only now, as she’s come into her own sense of self, is she becoming this amazingly fierce woman! I guess out of the sheer coincidental observation of this woman, did I realize that honestly it’s never to late to come into your own sense of self. Not that I will be rockin those White Hot Patent Leather knee high boots with heels any time soon (Well maybe if the heel was a little shorter heehee) but damn straight I’m gonna just go with the flow of life and continue to be the best version of myself. Even more so than I have been in the past.

Cause who knows if that age will be bestowed upon me, and if it is will I be able to embrace all it’s wonders. The saying goes something like…we are not promised tomorrow so why not just live in the present.

Let this woman inspire you to do what it is you feel passionate about. Whatever it is, indulge in it. We are only given one go around in this life and we might as well enjoy every moment possible. White hot patent leather knee high boots, with heels and all!!


These are my Random Musings and Wanderlust for today 🙂


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