Here’s to The Nice Girls!

I’ve often been told I’m The Nice Girl Understanding, compassionate, gives the benefit of the doubt, and a multitude of undeserved second chances. We are the girls who we so often hear, finish last. Well I’m here to say that there’s nothing wrong with finishing last.

Why? Well because we are strong and resilient. We withstand the trials and tribulations thrown at us. And through it all, we stay true to ourselves. We don’t become hardened, jaded, evil, conniving bitches because someone has wronged us. What it does instead is build up an armor of sorts. We don’t change, but we adapt. We won’t let those events or people turn us into something we are not. Because at the very heart of our core we truly believe there is good out there, and even if it takes us all of eternity we will finish… Yes maybe last, but we can go confidently into each chapter of our precious lives knowing we are still ourselves. No one can take that away from us. So I say raise a glass to The Nice Girls

Those are my Random Musings and Wanderlust for today 🙂

One thought on “Here’s to The Nice Girls!

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