My Mom is cooler than your Mom ;-)

So I’ve taken a liking to walking lately. First it was for exercise and more so rehab for my knees, & back injuries. I’ve been progressively working my way to increase my distance and lower my time. It is what it is and I’m ok with that. What I’m not ok with is judge mental people. Family in particular. I won’t name names because I have a lot of family that might read this so let’s protect the not so innocent. But I’m grateful to have a Mom who although she gets on my nerves like most Moms, she always has my back and will not hesitate to tell me or anyone else off lol. Love that about her.

So since I’ve started this walking kick I’ve just complete my 2nd 5K. A few month ago I did the Celiac 5K out in Oyster Bay NY. Today I did the Color Vibe at Eisenhower Park in East Meadow NY. I do not run. I repeat I do not run I walk these events. And my family and friends know this.

The day before my race my mom is talking to a family member who had the audacity to say ” Paula’s in a race? How the hell can she be in a race?. It’s not like she can win it!!” and this reply from my Kick Ass Mom is why she’s the best “I don’t know what you’re talking about. She already won! She’s doing the race, so that automatically makes her a winner. What are you doing?”

Yeah my mom is cooler than your mom and rightfully so. People who assume…well you know the saying, but they annoy me. They can sit there complaining about not feeling good, being overweight and some having that woe is me mindset. If they could only give half that attention into productive changes, well maybe they could complain less. And therefore stop doubting people who are at least trying.

Did I win this race. Hell Yeah. Cause I finished. To me that is all that counts 😉

This is me at the end of my race. I’m proud of every step and every ounce of color. And thankful to have the mom I do. She is my inspiration and I’m lucky to have her.




11 thoughts on “My Mom is cooler than your Mom ;-)

  1. Hey Random, great post. I’m glad you have a great mom like that. I also just learned your name, shame on you for letting that slip. I love it. Thanks for the fine posts, and being a great person, and by the way, you are a winner too.


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