This post is not what you think it’s about


As the title suggests, this post is not what you might think it’s about. In fact if your first instinct was to think OMG Becky look at her butt….then you need to step back and re group a moment. In fact this post is the complete opposite. Now if your mind didn’t go to that deep dark crevice then that’s a good thing.

We are conditioned as a society to see people like this and automatically most people would have derogatory thoughts popping into their mind. We need to rethink this mentality. I’m not about to school you on obesity and the epidemic that it is, that’s not my job. But I want to question your preconceived notions about obese people.

What I see here is a woman who has a problem. But she’s not just sitting around doing nothing about it. Let me give you some background information. Today I went on my daily walk. I try to get 3 miles at least in during a walk. Does it always happen? No. Do I always do it in the time I hope for? No. Do I get pissed off at myself? Hell YES! But I shouldn’t. Why? Because simply put… I’m not sitting at home on my ass doing nothing feeling sorry for myself. I have issues, we all do. We go through moments of depression and physical limitations throughout our lives. Some deal with these obstacles on a daily basis, others it ebbs and flows like the seasons. I try to push myself without going too far. I don’t want to be back where I physically was, when I was at my lowest. That’s not necessarily weight, above all else that is my physical capability. Then there is the self confidence, and the overwhelming sense of OH Shit, I can do this?!? Maybe not gonna run the marathon ( Ok NEVER gonna Run) but I can walk it.

I digress, now back to the photo. On my daily walks I see many people. Sometimes it’s the same folks, doing their exercise, other times it random people that just decide to take their kids for a walk along the Wildlife Refugee trails. But they all, WE all, have one thing in common. We are doing something. So here is my pic. Today out on the trail I noticed the same family of five I had seen for probably the last week or two. I think this is the third time they’ve been around. The older woman is using a walker. Now let me set the stage.


That is only a section of the ground that they are walking on. The trail starts out as a wooded planked trail, then onto the small blue stones that are semi paved and smooth. At this point where I snapped their picture, they had walked .75 miles. Not much, but with a walker and weight slowing you down, that is an added strain. I see these two women as an inspiration, not too look down upon them because of their weight but to commend them for doing for themselves. Often times we see our limitations far beyond what they are. We say, oh I can’t do this or that because of this or that. Well get off your ass like these ladies and do something. Don’t complain about your unhealthy lifestyle, your lack of motivation, your weight or the way you look. Do something to help yourself. Again like I said in the beginning of this post I’m not here to educate you on the obesity epidemic, it’s not my place. But I’d like to sit here behind my computer screen after doing 5 slow ass miles in the woods and tell you to Do Something About It! Don’t just complain. Complaining wont get you anywhere except for on someones nerves who is tired of hearing you complain about how bad things are. I’ve been there, I can admit I’m guilty of it. Falling into that depression of woe is me, I can’t. Yes some days I can’t but you gotta just push a little further. You might not run today, but get up and walk. One step forward is better than no steps at all.
I hope that these women can be an inspiration for you as well.

These are my Random Musings and Wanderlust for today. 🙂

Join in the Random Musings and Wanderlust ;-)

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